True Blood: Shining a Little (Sun)light on Things

TRUE BLOOD: 4.07 “Cold Grey Light of Dawn”

Jess takes a look at another scorchin’ episode of True Blood.

I absolutely adore the sun. Feeling it heating my skin is just one part of summer that I adore. Even in the wintertime, sun brings literal rays of hope to an otherwise gloomy, miserable season. For this reason (okay, among about a billion others), I cannot imagine how much it would suck (ha) to be a vampire.

Everyone knows what harms vampires – a wooden stake through the heart, silver, and sunlight. Of these three, there is only one that they truly miss from life, and that is sunlight. If that weren’t the case, they wouldn’t be so enamored over faery blood, which acts as a sort of vampire sunscreen. Even the darkest of the dark-hearted vampires (Russell Edgington, for example) would trade just about anything to walk in the daylight without feeling their skin sizzle and burn.

After seeing bits and pieces of Antonia Gavilán, the Spanish witch who perished at the hands of the “clergy” (vampires in disguise) in 1610. She’s the spirit that Marnie summons, and once she deems Marnie a worthy vessel, has no problem taking over her body. With some rather vivid flashbacks, we quickly learn exactly why she holds a grudge. And she’s back for more.

As one of the only humans to ever have power over vampires (Sookie doesn’t count, although she somehow has powers over two vamps and a werewolf). As she burned at the stake, she cast a spell that possessed vampires to walk into the sun, and themselves burn to their death. She takes revenge first via her rapist, Luis Patino, who now works for Bill. She casts a spell on him to send him after Bill. Bill wins, and as the stake goes through his chest, Luis utters, “Resurrection.”

Bill snaps into action, as any responsible Vampire King should. Pulling together the sheriffs that he can, he orders them to put out the word to the vampire community to either flee, or bind themselves in their coffins with silver. Antonia is back—no longer a mere history lesson, but a threat to the entire vampire race.

So we watch as Bill warns Eric and Sookie (an awkward moment if there ever was one in this show). Bill and Jessica bind themselves in a prison cell. Sookie binds Eric, and vows to stay with him through the ordeal. We watch the vampires struggle first against the silver, and then against the spell.

Don’t get me wrong, plenty else happened in this episode. Sam yet again rids himself of Tommy after he realizes (in the second awkward scene of the episode) in conversation with Luna that Tommy shifted into Sam, and then took advantage of Luna’s advances.

Meanwhile, Lafayette and Jesús, in Mexico, bring the sacrifice—a rattlesnake—that Jesus’ grandfather demanded of them. To prove that Lafayette is a medium, grandfather lets the rattlesnake lash out at Jesus; he then leaves the room and locks them in. Lafayette manages to (unknowingly) channel Jesús’ tio, a healer of magical proportions. The spirit of tio heals Jesús before he dies of the bite, and grandfather proves not only that Lafayette is a medium, but that he himself is the epitome of That Guy Who Always Has to Be Right. Now that we’re cognizant of Lafayette’s medium capabilities, we see who/what is behind that creepy, creepy doll that has been wreaking havoc on Arlene and Terry. A woman, who coos and calls to Mikey as though she’s his nanny, is only apparent to little Mikey— and now to Lafayette. The thing is, it seems that he can’t quite handle these sightings just yet. We’ll see more of her, and I’m willing to bet Lafayette will interact with her soon.

Tara, another trouble magnet, sends Naomi back to New Orleans after their scuffle with Pam. As the girl who can’t catch a break, Tara finally gets her chance at redemption against the vampires who have ruined her life when she runs into Marnie— er, Antonia.

Now on the loose, it’s only a matter of time before Antonia meets and assembles the Wiccans, and those who just have a pure desire to rid to world of vampires. True to her mission, and as Bill prepared the vamp community for, Antonia begins the encantation. And all hell breaks loose.

We end the show with Jessica harnessing all of her baby vamp strength to break loose of the binding silver, and crawl with zombie-like fervor toward the sunlight. Up, up she goes, stumbling as her body shakes with anticipation for the thing she craves, but threatens to end her kind. She unlatches the front door of Bill’s mansion. First the top latch, then the bottom. And the doors open. She sees the light.

For those of you who haven’t read the books, and couldn’t bear another heartbreak like the one you felt when Ned Stark was actually beheaded— did you cheat and go to IMDB to see if she was in future episodes or not? It’s okay. I did too.

This season has been good, but this was the first episode that really left me hanging. What about you?


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