Switched at Birth: Daddy Dearest

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.10 “Homecoming”

Angelo’s giving me that really bad vibe. I don’t like him at all. Everything about him — his demeanor, his voice, his stance, his hair — is telling me that he is one manipulative dude and should not be trusted.

I understand Bay’s weakness to him, though. Especially after her searching and dead end. She wants to know the guy who supplied half of her gene pool. But I don’t know. The way he creepily found her at school. The way he convinced her that 15 minutes over coffee should turn into a house visit. There’s just something wrong here. And everyone sees it.

Especially the lawyer, and I give her mad props. I would have been annoyed if they just suddenly allowed him to jump in on the law suit. For her to point out that he could have tampered with a witness — and that the Kennishes could be punished for it — that does seem like something he could have done. I just get that really bad vibe. Very very bad.

Have I said that already?

Meanwhile, the Emmett love triangle is in full force. It kind-of bugs me. I expected there to be more blowback about Bay and Emmett keeping the secret from Daphne. In that way, I expected the focus to be more on them than Emmett. Emmett…well…there’s a reason that we haven’t put him the spotlight.  The story has always belonged to Daphne and Bay, not their boyfriends. Emmett’s adorable in a limited way. But make him show emotion, and it was rather…well…

First of all, I didn’t like that he kissed Daphne. And if you watch that scene again, you’ll see that he kissed her and not the other way around. That’s just scumball-y, even if he did crush on her for eight years. Then to pull away, like it was Daphne’s idea. Uggh. It bothered me.

Second, while I did like his outburst to Bay and his breaking up with her (and her realization as to why), I just didn’t believe his emotion. I mean, it just seemed to come out of nowhere, and yes, we know Daphne and the fact that he kissed Daphne was involved, but we also mixed in that bit of “hearing people” in there with the muted signals of Bay and her brother and Wilke, but it just felt like a lot when it didn’t need to be. I don’t know. Perhaps I’m being too picky.

However, his reuniting with Bay was certainly cute, even if I did see his speaking coming. I mean, how did you not know that he was about to say something? It was pretty obvious.

I will say that Bay and Emmett are still the cutest couple, and I like him. But I just would have preferred the episode to focus in a little more on Bay and Daphne. After all, that would have made that god-awful ending much more appropriate.

Sorry, Daphne plays one great happy girl, but she can’t play angry at all. It’s the same expression every time. So to see her turn sour at Bay and blame her, telling her that she’s still going to go after Emmett — it just felt forced. Also, I don’t so much like Daphne with Emmett, and it’s pretty obvious she’ll eventually have something (whatever you want to call it) with Wilke (especially after her drunk, slutty moment in the back of his car), so it certainly isn’t a cliffhanger that I’m dying to find out what’s next.

But we’ve got 22 more episodes this season, so who knows what will happen next. Of course, since we just ended the summer season, we’ve got some time to wait.


2 thoughts on “Switched at Birth: Daddy Dearest

  1. I love Emmett! And him being with Bay, but I agree that the drama with Daphne, etc was overplayed.

    I’m not surprised that Angelo is a bad guy, but I hate that they cast Gilles Marini (a Frenchie) in the role. I like him, normally! And I totally thought that they would have cast someone Hispanic in the role, so I didn’t like him in the role at all.

    I am excited that the show gets a bunch more episodes, because I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

  2. To Elizabeth H. I’m pretty sure that Bay is only a quarter Hispanic, which she gets from her mother’s side. Angelo stated he was French & Italian with a little Arabic in his background. So the casting of Gilles Marini would make sense.

    On another note:
    Does anyone know if The Nine Lives of Chloe King has been renewed for a second season? I enjoy the show and posted about it on my blog: http://mclairjeune.wordpress.com/

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