Falling Skies: Weaver Goes Crazy, and Tom Goes … Where?

FALLING SKIES: 1.09 “Mutiny”
FALLING SKIES: 1.10 “Eight Hours”

What a night for Falling Skies. The final two hours of the season did not disappoint, with some great character development and plot twists that made you just go, Dammit! I can’t wait for summer 2012!

First, let’s just say, that long-legged thing was creepy. Seeing that at the end of the episode…man, I wouldn’t want to see that up close and personal. But I’ll get to the end. Let’s start at the beginning.

Out of the two episodes, I’ll admit that “Mutiny” was the weaker of the two. Weaver’s going off the deep end seemed to come out of nowhere. I mean, yes, we saw how he acted last week, but I thought he got over the craziness once he found his wife’s glasses. Clearly, we weren’t so lucky.

I didn’t appreciate being introduced to a new character in this episode either, but maybe that just pressed home the point that Weaver was pushing Tom out. Tom was his most trusted adviser, so to turn to someone he barely knew as a confidante felt just as ugly to Tom as it did to us viewers.

However, the person who really shined in this episode (well, beyond Pope) was Jimmy. The relationship between Jimmy and Weaver has certainly been an interesting one. So to see Jimmy follow Weaver, turning on Tom, only to switch sides to get Tom out of his prison was cool. Jimmy’s going to side with good, but he’s also a soldier — and his commanding officer is really a fatherly figure to him. Watching that unfold — and most of all, seeing Weaver’s reactions to each of Jimmy’s actions — was so interesting to watch.

But enough about that. Let’s get to that juicy last hour.

What impressed me about this final hour of this first season is that the character development we’ve come to know and love throughout the series didn’t stop with this episode. Hal really stood up when he went off on the suicide mission without his father on his side. And I loved seeing Weaver give the order for him to go back, showing again his paternal instincts breaking through.

Ben also had a great development here. He (and Tom and Anne, too) now know what he really is, but he’s certainly going to do his best to be on the side with his family. He had real pain listening to those frequencies, but he did what he could to help Team Human win.

And then there was Tom and Anne, who finally had their first kiss. Now, I must say, I don’t watch this show for the ‘shipper-ness. Their relationship has been one built on trust and friendship (two things particularly strong in a relationship, really), and they’re both wounded from the loss of their own spouses, so they certainly wouldn’t jump in quickly. But man, the timing was great, and it was a fantastic scene. Kudos.

One last thing, before I get to the BIG ENDING: While Rick wasn’t entirely the highlight of the episode (I felt his breakdown after being left behind almost too emotional, considering how stoic and brainwashed he’s been so far), the fact that we brought back the harnessed girl from the “Sanctuary” episodes was interesting. Why? Because she was actually showing the signs of skitter-dom. The scales (or whatever they are) on the edges of her faces. Eek. Signs of season two? I hope not. At least, for Karen’t sake (I want her back!).

On the bright side, with Tom going hand-in-hand with her into the light of the ship, it means that Karen must still remain in the next season. Hopefully, she’ll be saved. But what’s going to happen to Tom? Honestly, I thought it was going to be Hal who was separated from the group and taken on-board, but Tom’s a good second choice. Really, I think the ending might have been a little cheesy, if not for Weaver’s shocked, disbelieving reaction. The fact that he couldn’t grasp what just happened was what made that ending so heart pounding and effective.

So what will happen next? I have no clue! But I want it before Summer 2012. Between Game of Thrones and Falling Skies, this will be one looooong year.


3 thoughts on “Falling Skies: Weaver Goes Crazy, and Tom Goes … Where?

  1. I am also seriously upset at how long we have to wait for both of those shows to return. I had so much on my dvr this past season that I kept Game of Thrones on there and didn’t watch until a couple weeks ago (wherein I watched the entire seaason in like one week). I didn’t see this ending coming at all. With the way he was acting I actually expected Weaver to die in some sort of last ditch crazy effort to kill the aliens and for Tom to take over as leader for Season 2. But like I said in my post I’m hoping we get to see the inside of the aliens’ command post for next season so we can figure out more about them.

  2. I actually expected Weaver to die in some sort of last ditch crazy effort to kill the aliens and for Tom to take over as leader for Season 2. But like I said in my post I’m hoping we get to see the inside of the aliens’ command post for next season so we can figure out more about them.

    I agree with you on both points. I half expected them to kill of Weaver and put Tom in charge, but I’m glad they didn’t. I think they’ll probably keep Tom away from the group for the first couple episodes next year, and Weaver will stumble around ineffectively trying to juggle the demands of the civilians with the demands of the fighters. Without Tom there to moderate, he might have a difficult time. I’m hoping we get a good look at the inside of that ship as well, and maybe a little more info on what motivates these aliens.

  3. i thought the second to last episode was great… however i thought the two hour finale was a disaster….

    the weaver storyline was awful the whole first half his “pill popping” almost causes a civil war between the 2nd massachusetts – only to have him say “i stopped taking them a week ago” (or whatever)… and all of a sunnden its all good.

    okaaaay? so why were you acting like a lunitic captain weaver? why is this new gun toting maniac your new right hand man?

    we are then treated to not only one, but two over the top cheeze-ball speeches form waever… one asking for volunteers to take down the alien structure over boston, but then another when he all of a sudden abandons his “chain of command” obsession and lets every man decide if they sill want to carry out the mission…. that is until he gives hal a “direct order” to go back… i guess the chain of command only works when weaver feels like it…

    then we have pope.. a guy so hell bent on killng aliens, he betrays tom multiple times, and is the mastermind behind the bullets and bombs that will be used to kill the bad guys… only right at the end, he is ok to just leave the battle field… “tom, good luck”…. ugh

    and lets not even get into the exceedingly brutal exchanges between dr glass and whats-her-face about helping people survive.. the lame “you got my back’ nonsense between maggie and jimmy…

    and to top it all of, the alines, who have successfully wiped out 90 percent of human kind have all of a sudden been thrown into chaos by about 50 people in boston? and now want to have a sit down?….

    i am pretty sure i will tune in next summer to see if they can salvage this mess – but i was severely disappointed by the finale… i can definitely wait til next year.

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