Thursday Open Thread: TV Bad Fashion

Oops. I didn’t put up an open thread last week. That’s kinda bad of me. I have no one to blame but myself.

But this week, we’ve got one! As I sat home on Monday morning, home sick from work (blah), I found myself watching Charmed. Now, I liked Charmed. Granted, I liked the Pru years more than the Paige years, but they were all ok. Anyway, I was watching one of the later seasons. Wyatt is a baby. Chris isn’t around yet. And the girls looked slutty.

Oh, so slutty.

And I remember, it just got worse and worse as the seasons went on. So it got me thinking…

What show has the worst fashion?

I know I just made Charmed an example, but surprisingly enough, they’re not the worst. My pick? Probably Shake It Up on Disney Channel. God, those kids dress awful. What do you think?

Shiver. Man, those are some awful clothes. Uggh. I feel vomity.


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