Melissa & Joey: Just Cute

MELISSA & JOEY: 1.18 “The Mel Word”
MELISSA & JOEY: 1.19 “Auction Hero”

Melissa & Joey is certainly not going to be winning any Emmy’s any time soon, but there’s still something appealing about it. It’s just…cute. Perhaps I still have this attachment to Melissa and Joey from their time together on My Fake Fiance (now that’s a movie that could turn into a TV series that I’d love to watch), but it’s just kinda fun. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s cute.

And it just got picked up for a second season, so clearly, I’m not the only one that thinks this way.

Anyway, I actually watched three episodes of Melissa & Joey last night since there was a nice lead-up to the show in reruns. I’ll only focus on the two new episodes, since I imagine some of you readers are better at me in keeping up with TV. (Feel free to scold me for that, as I am a TV blogger.)

First up, the wedding.

In predictable sitcom fashion, we randomly have a wedding centering an episode. Now, I can’t really say much about the plot of this episode because I spent most of my time watching Leslie Grossman (who played one of the brides) and going, “Why does she look so weird?!” I’ve been watching reruns of What I Like About You while I get ready in the morning, so she certainly looks different since then. My guess is that she lost a few pounds and got a tan, and it did a lot of that work. But personally, I missed the old Leslie.

Moving on, the frustrating part about this episode was the fact that this lesbian bride — not Leslie Grossman, the other one — was hitting on everyone in sight. Now, I can understand where the writers were coming from: Why do the same ol’ story line where the straight bride or groom cheats with someone right before the wedding? Instead, let’s do a lesbian wedding? I don’t know. Just seemed a little bit of a stretch. Though it was entertaining to see Mel and Joe analyzing if they really weren’t as attractive as they thought.

The ending was a bit predictable, but it was cute enough. Honestly, I thought they’d get caught for having the webcam on while the Bride #2 was changing (pervs!), but I guess a threesome always wins. Wow, words I never thought I’d type.

As for the auction

Well, this was a much more predictable storyline. What sitcom doesn’t have some sort of auction episode? I don’t know why, but TV loves to put people on sale on TV. True, it was supposed to be for his services, but you knew that it wouldn’t be. You knew this would somehow blow up in his face.

I’d rather spend more time discussing Lennox in this episode. Personally, I find stories surrounding Lennox to be ultimately boring and over the top. I don’t find her entertaining. So to see her writing a novel (yeah, like anyone thought she could do that anyway) was just blah. Ryder, on the other hand, is a joy to see on the screen, and I wish they’d do more with him. Can we please?

But still a cute enough episode. I think I liked the wedding over the auction, but hey, what can you say? Really, I’m still thinking of the episode past where Mona from Who’s the Boss made an appearance. That was the star on my Wednesday Melissa & Joey party. But again, I’m a little late to add that one out there.


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