Leverage: Loved, loved, LOVED this episode

LEVERAGE: 4.06 “The Carnival Job”

You probably think that I didn’t think about Leverage much this week because I didn’t write about it. In fact, you might’ve thought that I didn’t even watch it. But you’re wrong. I watched it, but in my head cold haze, I was unable to formulate thought. Well, I’m not that much better, but I’ll do my best because I loved this episode.

This season has really made me a huge Eliot fan. It’s not that I wasn’t an Eliot fan before. I love all the characters, but if you pinned me down and made me answer, Who is your favorite character?, I’d probably say Hardison or Parker because they’re humorous and quirky. Eliot has some humor sometimes (“They’re very distinctive shoes/sounds/etc.”), but he’s not like the rest of them.

But this season, he’s really getting to shine. I love it when we see him in a situation he despises, and then he turns into the guy who has the passion for the case. He was great being the body guard for the girl, but once she was taken, he turned into a man with a mission. It was great.

Plus, this was a big episode for him. We actually saw him be the one who’s hit! He was knocked out cold on his back. Ok, so it look a carnival ride knocking him in the head to do it, but nonetheless, we’ve never seen him as the victim. And let’s face it, the fight with his eyes closed was just cool.

The only thing that I didn’t quite get in this episode was what ultimately happened to the chip. They were hired by another victim, not the father whose daughter is kidnapped. So once they got the chip, who did they give it back to? Him or the guy who hired them?

Sometimes Leverage is a little hard to follow in the complicated cases and cons, so when little details don’t add up or don’t play through, it does tend to bother me. In this case, I was just left wondering.

But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Maybe next time we’ll get to see how Parker overtook that shooter. Man, if only I had Parker’s climbing and falling abilities. Ok, so maybe I could fall like her. It’s the suspension in the and the not dying I’d have a problem with. Oh, the life of TV characters.

Looks like we’ve got a couple weeks before the summer finale, but it looks like a big one. I can’t wait.


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