Drop Dead Diva: Taking on the Bad Guys

DROP DEAD DIVA: 3.06 “Closure”

Let me say two things before I jump in on this review. First, sorry this review is late. I’ve had a head cold which has made cohesive thought difficult.

Second, please keep in mind that I had said head cold while watching Drop Dead Diva. If I suddenly start mentioning the elephants that ran through the courtroom, you can blame the cold medicine.

Let’s start with Stacy. I wish they had spent a few episodes leading up to this. Nothing major. Just showing Stacy talking into the webcam every once in a while, or referencing a new shirt, or throwing something she didn’t like into  a box — something so that this didn’t feel so surprising. Not that I can’t imagine Stacy doing a video blog on fashion, but it would have been that much more interesting if we got used to seeing her doing it, and then been as shocked as she was to find out that she was breaking the law.

As a blogger myself, I found this incredibly interesting. What I liked more than the fact that Drop Dead Diva did, in fact, do something on this law that many people might not be aware of, but the fact that every time Stacy tried to fix it, she just got in more and more trouble. It was entertaining for a light case.

Do I think that Stacy would have really gotten that following with the tweens? Well, I guess there’s something to be said about suspending your disbelief from time to time.

Meanwhile, we had the ugly case. And eight-year-old cold case about a murder. The part of this case that I didn’t understand is why it was suddenly back on the table after eight years. Did I miss why they felt that they could suddenly try the guy now and not then? Oh well.

It was rather convenient that Jane was able to figure out who really did the dirty deed eight years after her original work on the case (why couldn’t old Jane figure it out?). But it was interesting to see that she was able to reveal the unethical behavior in the department. Guess they shouldn’t have asked for her after all.

Parker was surprisingly entertaining in this episode. I actually liked him. What’s that about? And poor Grayson. Still hurting, but trying so hard.

Overall, a good episode. I enjoyed it, even while sniffling and sneezing.


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