Switched at Birth: War Zones and Love Triangles

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.09 “Paradise Lost”

Bay and Emmett are just so damn cute. Sorry. It must be said.

Which is why this love triangle with Daphne just doesn’t really fly with me. It feels  a little forced. Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t see Daphne’s realization coming at the end. In fact, I thought that Daphne was going to walk in on Bay and Emmett having a couple moment (whatever that would end up being: sentimental, kissing, otherwise). That didn’t happen.

So we are officially in a love triangle that I’m sure won’t go over well. Bay plays a pretty good hurt person (versus Daphne’s angry pout that’s the same expression she used every time her mother was in the room), so I’m afraid they’ll use that, and we’ll find out that she’s the one hurt. But I hope not. Because Bay and Emmett are just too damn cute together.

Meanwhile, we had the girls’ birthdays. Personally, I find it complete inappropriate for the Kennishes to buy Daphne a car. I don’t care if she’s living in their house. I don’t care if she’s their biological daughter. That’s just inappropriate. And it’s much worse not to tell Regina ahead of time. That’s just not good.

As for the birthday dinner, well, I’m not sure what to say. But I do give props to Kathryn, who, despite being angry, is looking past the issue to the larger picture. I feel like John is still being rather petty, and I’m impressed with Toby for sticking up for Regina. He was really the only person in her corner.

Oh, and can we just reiterate that I completely understand where Regina’s coming from. Yes, she made a mistake, but she made it for reasons that made sense at the time. Sigh.

Anyway, at least this episode made steps in the right direction. But what direction is that? What will happen next week? We will see…

In other news, Switched at Birth just got an additional 22 episodes added to this season. That makes it a 32-episode season. Wow. That’s impressive.


One thought on “Switched at Birth: War Zones and Love Triangles

  1. I have to say that I completely agree: Bay & Emmett are so cute together. Adding Daphne to the mix just doesn’t make sense. She had to have known how Emmett felt about her this entire time and she’s choosen to ignore. But when she feels alone in the world with no one else to lean on this is when she considers him. Come on. What she needs to do is go back to the guy she was dating in the first place ( Bay’s cute ex-boyfriend sorry can’t remember his name ). Bay has Emmett so she would be okay with Daphne and him dating now.

    And John Kennish has not been a fan of Regina’s since she entered the picture. From day one he’s was thinking of a way to get rid of her.

    Nice post.

    I have one up on my blog discussing this episode as well as other shows. Check it out:http://mclairjeune.wordpress.com/

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