Switched at Birth: All Eyes on Regina

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.08 “Pandora 1896”

Was Regina in the wrong? Perhaps that isn’t the right question. More appropriately, what would you have done?

We all knew this was coming, long before Daphne found all the photos of Bay in the guitar case. Somehow, we knew Regina knew. Whether it was officially or unofficially, Regina knew that this red-headed, fair-faced child was not of her Puerto Rican blood. And they’ve been hinting at the fact that she had a secret for quite a while. I think even the fans could put this one together.

Should she have told? Well, perhaps at the time of deposition, it would have helped out the group a bit. They’d understand why she didn’t want any part in the court case. But at the time she figured out? Well, it completely made sense to me.

Why wouldn’t she want to protect her child? True, repeating the phrase, “By that time, you were mine!” isn’t the best case to be made, but I completely understand her fear that if someone found out, they’d take her daughter away. What’s more, who would give an alcoholic single mom her biological daughter, especially when she’s being taken from the wealthy Kennishes. Regina really made the best choice, in her view.

I understand the Kennishes’ anger. I completely understand how hurt Bay could be — especially because, throughout this entire ordeal, she seemed to be the daughter no one cared about. I mean, the Kennishes discovered a new daughter and were obsessed, ignoring Bay. Regina knew about Bay the entire time and didn’t want to lose the daughter she raised. Ignored again. Now she knew that all this time, her real mother knew about her and did nothing? Sure, she’d be upset. She really did have a question all these years, and Regina had the answer.

But Regina was right. She couldn’t take Bay away from the only family she knew all those years. That would be awful. It’s like The Face on the Milk Carton, circa 2011.

The reaction I was most surprised about, though, was Daphne’s. I understand her feeling of betrayal. But I thought that betrayal would be more centered in the stalking Bay for years. Was Bay the real daughter she wanted? Instead, it was settled in the fact that her secrecy kept her father away (ok, I understand that) and keeping her away from the Kennishes. Where did that come from? Why is she suddenly denying the work her mother did to raise her? In the nature/nurture debate, Daphne chose nature? Really? You’d think that all she’s learned from her mom’s hard work and tough beginning would have taught Daphne a lot. This seemed out of context, whether said in anger or not.

What’s to come, I’m not sure, but I certainly hope we’re not about to stare down the barrel of a custody battle. That just seems nightmarish, and honestly, a little boring. I’d much prefer this show not go to the predictable, easy storylines…at least not quite yet.

A few other notes:

  • Anyone else surprised that Daphne was so fast to get in the backseat of a car with her top off with Wilke? I understand that she was drunk, but that seemed strange.
  • Emmett and Bay are really cute. Drop this Daphne love triangle, and I will fall in love with this adorable couple forever.
  • Does anyone else feel like this series might be moving a little too fast? We’ve outed Regina’s secret. Toby’s had a gambling addition and has gotten over it. Daphne and Bay have officially gone through three guys in weird drama situations. What’s going to be left other than a custody battle? And if they do that, what’s left for next season? Please don’t do a custody battle. Pretty please?

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