Falling Skies: The True Cost of Survival

FALLING SKIES: 1.07 “Sanctuary, Part 2”

This episode was really the first where you felt the loss of war. Which is peculiar. I mean, we’ve lost Tom’s wife. We’ve lost Anne’s entire family. Weaver’s daughter. Hell, even Harris.

But the loss of Mike really felt like something else. Perhaps it was because he sacrificed himself to save the kids. And perhaps it was because it wasn’t an alien race that killed him. It was his own kind.

This episode is really my favorite episode so far. Of course, if you know me at all, you know anything with a tearful ending tends to end up on my favorite list, but more so than that, the shootout outside the house was just fantastic. I love Hal’s stepping into the role of the leader and protector. More so, I love that John Pope chose a side (for once). He didn’t chose Tom’s side. No, if anything, he chose the side of the kids. Most likely, he just chose the side of a common enemy, any side that would allow him to shoot the devils that held him capture.

You did kind-of feel bad for the people left behind after Weaver and his troops showed up. JC, who missed the ending, asked what happened to them. It’s rather sad to think, well, they probably are going to be killed by the Skitters. And the girl who befriended Hal would probably be harnessed. There’s a downside with buddying up with the enemy; if you don’t play by their rules, you lose the game.

But there was something else I loved about this episode, and that’s the direction we’re headed in the future. Rick has once more proven that he’s not as adaptable as Ben — and he may not be one to be trusted. In the final scene, he spoke of the aliens as “we” and seemed angered that Ben didn’t do the same.

And it wasn’t just his words that gave you that bad attitude. You’ve got to give the show a round of applause. Just before Rick said his bitter lines, Weaver and Tom were discussing the bad decision of letting the kids go. And just as Tom says that next time he’ll follow his gut, both Tom and Weaver eye Rick.

It doesn’t look like we’re the only one with a bad feeling.

This show just keeps getting better and better, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Will Rick turn to the dark side? Will Ben stay good or become more like Rick? And what other sacrifices are we going to see in the episodes to come?

With only a few episodes left in the season, I’d say we have a lot more ahead of us, a lot more to learn…and a lot more to lose.


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