Drop Dead Diva: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

DROP DEAD DIVA: 3.05 “Prom”

Ok, I have to say this first. If they try to make a Grayson/Kim shipper situation, I’m going to flip. Just say no, Drop Dead Diva. I’d much rather have a Kim/Fred situation than a Grayson/Kim one. Must we recycle characters so?


In other news, clearly Grayson is not over being dumped at the altar. And why would he be? Vanessa handled it all wrong (even dropping the engagement ring off via courier in a manila envelope). And clearly, it all came to the surface during the case he was trying. Sadly, I don’t remember much about it, other than a mail order bride with a past. Sounds like the start of a horror film.

It’s unfortunate that this was the case I don’t remember all that well. Since it was one of the more original ones.

Unlike the prom case. I’m not saying the prom case was bad. I mean, we got a sweet dance at the end of it, when all the kids came running in, and it was all happy and I got all teary and — ok, you get it. But hasn’t every lawyer show done some case with a prom, most of which being about a gay couple wanting to attend and then they’re not allowed. Yes, this was original in the ways the school tried to get around it, but the fact that I’d seen it before was still there.

In fact, even Fred’s story I’d heard before. The funny part? Another Fred already lived it. Fred Flintstone, that is. Does anyone remember that episode when Fred was cast as an actor in a commercial for a weight lost thing. He gets all excited and then discovers he’s the “before” actor. Strangely enough, I really am describing an episode of The Flintstones, not Drop Dead Diva. Now, granted, The Flintstones didn’t include a bikini model. So I guess there’s something different.

Could it be that I miss the sexual tension? The Fred/Stacy storylines were always so cute. Now they’re just eh.

Ultimately, the episode was ok. I mean, I enjoyed watching it, but I did miss the originality that this show used to offer. Stop handing me guest stars (well, give me Wanda Sykes anytime — she was awesome), and give me new material. Please?


2 thoughts on “Drop Dead Diva: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

  1. Oh boy….is this a sign that the show might be going downhill??? I’ve actually been forgetting that Deb is Jane, we haven’t seen much of “Deb” this season unless she’s focusing on Grayson. Although next week looks promising since Kim is suing Stacy, so I hope it will be a great episode. I agree about the prom case it’s been done a million times. And why is the guy that plays Fred a “special guest star”?? Is he not part of the main cast??

  2. I didn’t even realize Fred was considered a “special guest star”! How have they not promoted him yet. It didn’t surprise me in the first season (I mean, he disappeared for half o it, and I remember discussing it with him in an interview for the second season), but by now? Crazy!

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