Your Comic Con Look: Ringer

There’s one problem with living in Boston: It’s really far away from San Diego Comic Con. Sadly, I’m not there. But I am on the interwebs, so I can watch some of the promo videos.

Like Ringer‘s.

I’m very excited about this series, but I’m a little nervous that the CW isn’t the right place for it. Well, we’ll find out about that. In the meantime, my excitement remains in tact, and this promo did nothing but increase my enthusiasm. I love it.

Check it out! A Comic Con First Look: Ringer.


3 thoughts on “Your Comic Con Look: Ringer

  1. This looks like it will make for an awesome series… if it were to last only a single season. Otherwise it really seems like it’ll become another one of those shows built on posing question upon question upon question only to get half answers 3 seasons later.

  2. Well, to be honest, it probably will be only one season. I think that it looks interesting, but I can see why you say it’s not sustainable past one season. For one thing, I think in order to do that (at least based on my very limited early impressions), you’ll need to do some mad change-ups with plot and cast, and you know as well as I do that no one is quite as horrible as Martin or Whedon in killing people off. Think of it this way: How long can a detective really be on someone’s trail before it just becomes too long?

    More so, though, I just don’t think this is the right fit for the CW. They just don’t have the right demographic for a show like this. Which makes me assume it will probably be cancelled after one season.

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