True Blood: Everyone Has a Thirst for Something They Shouldn’t

True Blood 4.04: I’m Alive and on Fire

Jess takes a look at this week’s episode.

If there’s one common theme among the Bon Temps crew, it’s this: everyone has a vice. Whatever it is, these vices bring them joy (no matter how fleeting) and likewise, often lead them to trouble. Here are a few I’ve noticed as they relate to this week’s episode. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts!

  • Faery blood. It’s tasty if you’re a vampire. It’s delicious and sweet, and the thrill of finding it is only part of the fun. One slurp, and you’re on top of the world. Drain a faery dry, and you can frolic butt naked in the Bon Temps sunshine, warming your undead skin in a way you haven’t felt in thousands of years. Being a big fan of the beach myself, I can see the appeal. Sort of. You know what I mean. (And since we’re talking about blood, we all know how V works for those that crave power and bravery. Andy Bellfleur, I’m looking at you. That’s right. We all know you seem to need liquid courage, sadly.) So Eric gets drunk, goes bonkers, and almost fries. Everything in moderation, Northman.
  • Eric. Well, this is Pam’s vice. Loyal to a fault, she will protect her maker even in the face of the true death. When Bill confronts her (it’s obvious to anyone that she has to know where he is), she calls him out on how ruthless he has acted when prosecuting vampires caught in the act of feeding on humans on camera. When Pam starts to pull the ‘tude out on Marnie, she gets her skin curdled. Or something. Hope he’s worth it, sweetheart.
  • The need to be love and be loved. It’s like a drug. No matter how big a scumbag Tommy can be (and this is no means an endorsement of him, he still irks me), the temptation of a normal family life lures him back to Belinda. Pre-Sam, Belinda and Joe Lee made their money by having Tommy shift into a dog and participate in dog fights. Losing Tommy meant losing their income, and you know that wouldn’t last long in their illiterate household. Belinda gets Tommy back with the promise that she’s left Joe Lee (although she was rather vague about that), showering him with praise at his newfound literacy. Too bad this drug makes Tommy vulnerable— leading him back into the ring with a chain around his neck. Joe Lee won’t be winning any Father of the Year awards this season, that’s for sure. And then we have Sam, who’s had his share of failed relationships. He didn’t learn his lesson after his tryst with Daphne in season two. His new affair with Luna has a twist – an angry ex…who also happens to be a werewolf.
  • Power. Bill now has it, and apparently that entitles him to jump in bed with his great granddaughter. I kid, I kid. He didn’t know Portia was a distant relative. But, he puts the kibosh on that little arrangement for once he learns. As if meeting your new significant other’s family isn’t harrowing enough! But I digress. Bill seems to alternate between using his power for good (to get to the bottom of this necromancy business) and evil (we all know he has ulterior motives for trying to find Eric). Being suckered into a power-couple friends-with-benefits situation was just another example of how his new position sometimes gets the best of him.

Other random thoughts:

  • Let’s talk about the doll. Anyone who has seen Child’s Play had to get the heebie-jeebies when first spotting it in the season three finale, lying on the floor of Hoyt and Jessica’s new apartment. Now that it’s Mikey’s new plaything, Mikey’s getting creepier than usual, and Arlene’s getting more paranoid. But it’s not until Mikey, with doll in tow, scrawls a Redrum-like message on the wall that Terry finally gets spooked. Poor Terry.
  • At least Jason escaped being raped by an entire clan of inbred sister-cousin-wives by convincing an innocent virgin to set him free. Felton of course gave chase, but Jason killed him with a handmade spear. He can be quite resourceful, no? Too bad he couldn’t fashion a map or bandages or anything else useful. Luckily, he passes out on the side of the road where Jessica and Hoyt happen to be driving by. But Jessica giving Jason her blood to revive him? Jason, being Hoyt’s best friend? I don’t think this bodes well. I smell trouble.
  • Tara’s growing on me again. I think it’s her eloquence. And by eloquence I mean inappropriately timed potty mouth. The comedic banter between her, Lafayette, and Jesús brings some laughter to a rather grave situation as they confront Marnie and help her reverse to spell that erased Eric’s memory.
  • Caroline Bellefleur is played by Mona from Who’s the Boss. Completely irrelevant, but don’t you kind of want to catch an old episode of it now on Nick at Nite, just for old time’s sake?

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