Falling Skies: Dark Skies on the Horizon

FALLING SKIES: 1.06 “Sanctuary, Part 1”

I don’t know about you, but I had a bad feeling for a good part of this episode. Something just felt…wrong.

There’s something about a random guy we’ve never met asking the team to do something thatis supposedly Porter’s orders…with kids. I can’t say for sure that I knew something bad was happening, but there was just a bad feeling. Something was wrong.

I mean, when you know that the skitters want kids, do you want them running off on their own? I guess his orders made sense. If an attack was coming, get them in the clear so they couldn’t be taken. But even that seemed suspect. He sure knew a lot of information for someone we just met.

But part of me wanted to believe him, so I did. I believed him for quite a while. After all, it’s not like the team didn’t take precautions. They sent along their own soldiers. Heck, did you see that gun that Hal had alone? The kids sure looked safe. But then…

But then we saw poor Eli, taken in the woods at nighttime, stunned and taken by a skitter. I do wonder why Eli didn’t run. After all, how could he miss the harness on the little girl? But I guess he was scared. He had a right to be, after all.

So what does this mean? Why is this man — this trusted soldier — handing off children to skitters? Shouldn’t all the humans be on the same side? After all, that was Tom’s point as he calmed down the man at the camp, who had an issue with the de-harnessed kids (aka, Ben and crew). Speaking of, I think it’s incredibly interesting to see how the people at the camp are reacting to the saved kids, the fact that they don’t trust them.

Meanwhile, we had poor Anne, getting attacked for meds. It was nice to see a new side of Anne, even if it was a negative one. She was so vulnerable. Clearly, carrying a gun isn’t something she’d like to do; it’s  a last resort for her. But it’s a time of war. She can’t hold off for too long, but it’s unfortunate that the people she has to protect against are her own. Not skitters. Not mechs. Mankind.

Clearly, we’re seeing a theme through this episode.

Then there’s Jimmy. I personally loved the character development in this episode. Jimmy’s fleeing from the skitter was heart-pounding, and it was just incredible seeing him transform from a thirteen-year-old soldier into a kid that was being tucked into a line and sent away from danger (or so they thought). His relationship with Weaver is one of my favorites, and I love his role in this episode. I sure hope he’s safe in the episodes to come.

What is to come? Are the kids from the camp safe? Will they be skitter slaves, too? Oh, and what does Pope have to do with all of this? Personally, I found that twist the most interesting. He’s not someone that I expected to see any time soon. Clearly, he’s not completely on their side; it sure looks like they’re holding him against his will and making him talk. But what more will he say? What’s next for the 2nd Mass?

Yet another great episode of Falling Skies, and I’m sure I’ve left out many many details in this rather full episode. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments!


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