First Impressions: H2O: Just Add Water

Back to the Pilot Project. But, uh, this choice was…well…

Expectations: All I know is that this showed up as recommended on my Netflix queue. So I read the description. It’s Australian and about three girls who turn into mermaids when they touch water. I feel like there was a Disney Channel movie with this same theme. Anyway, I’ve never seen anything Austrailian, nor do I know anything else about the series, so I’m going to guess it will be like Disney Channel fluff and just go with it. But it seemed weird enough to pique my interest.

Reactions: This show is ridiculous. So why did I just watch not one but two episodes of it? Bah. I couldn’t quite tell what the show would be like in the first episode, since it mainly surrounded the girls becoming mermaids and then discovering that they were, in fact, mermaids every time they touch water. Once that happens, you just start to wonder what the show would really do. Well, in the second episode, they face an uncertain future. You know, a pool party. Oh, the drama.

As I mentioned before, I chose this show because it popped on my Netflix recommendation queue. So how funny is it that who happens to be one of the three main girls? Phoebe Tonkin, who’s playing Faye in the upcoming series, The Secret Circle. From mermaid to witch. Isn’t that always the way?

So I’m hoping that the writing is to blame for this awful show. The acting isn’t great (except for maybe Rikki, who I imagine will seem rather one-dimensional after the first few episodes), and I sure hope Tonkin improves by this fall.

It’s not like my expectations were all that high. Saying it will be like Disney Channel fluff (it was, by the way) is not the highest of compliments. I don’t know if I could have sat through the entire two episodes if not for the accents. There’s something about Australian accents that’s addictive. Honestly, this entire series seemed like an excuse to show girls in bikini-like outfits and pretty images of water.

Oh, did I tell you that they also have magic powers? Yeah, there’s that. One freezes things. One controls water. The other makes it boil. In case you didn’t take that extra step, that means that they’ve each taken control of one of the three: water, solid, and gas. It took Rikki a while to find her power; I figured it out before the first episode was over.

Anyway, I guess I could see why kids might like this series, though there are times that I wonder what kids are really thinking when the kids are trying to protect their secret and convince Lewis that they’re skinnydipping — so believably that when he finds the two girls alone together later, he’s convinced they may be naked again. Ummm. Or the fact that they keep calling the mermaid fins “tails.” Poor Australian kids won’t know anything about fish!

All that being said, I did watch two episodes. So there’s that.

Verdict: I want to say I won’t watch this show again, and I think that’s probably true. But if I’m extremely bored or sick in bed and Netflix has nothing to offer, I might just end up watching it in my stupor. But man, I don’t recommend it.


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