Drop Dead Diva: Strippers and Other Things

DROP DEAD DIVA: 3.03 “Dream Big”

I wouldn’t say this was a phenomenal episode, but it was a pretty good one. Jane’s case was by far the most compelling. How do you prove to a court that someone made and error with your child, when you don’t want to say that your child is broken?

Not that being a dwarf means something is wrong with you. And that was his mother’s point. But there were some medical problems that left him with regular doctors’ visits. Regular doctors’ visits that cost money and changed the life for his mother. Instead of being a mother who could handle life as she planned, she worked 18 hours a day while supporting the son that she loved deeply (and would do anything for).

It was interesting. Was Jane right to put his mother on the stand and break her down like that? Was that the only way to win the case? Jane certainly didn’t want to do anything wrong, but she was rather forceful in finding a way to take this case to court. It was rather painful. But seeing the love between the mother and child certainly helped balance out that pain.

And the payout didn’t hurt either.

In other news, we had Grayson, who, for some reason, kept putting off his meeting with his future father-in-law to help out a team of strippers. Yes, workplace conditions are important, but to keep cancelling lunch? Something bigger is here (and it probably has something to do with his rushing into marriage; I mean, it is rather fast, right?). I wonder what we have to look forward to in Grayson’s life.

Though the bachelor party was funny. I greatly appreciated how into it Teri was, of all people. Yep, that seems like her kind of crowd. Not strippers, per say, but ridiculous party scenes.

Finally, Kim’s back at the firm. We all knew it would happen eventually. Personally, I look forward to it. Jane and Kim have a great chemistry of dislike and respect (of sorts), and frankly, I want more of it.



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