Melissa & Joey: Just Another ’80s Sitcom

MELISSA & JOEY: 1.14 “Don’t Train on my Parade”

Let’s take a moment to discuss one thing. According to IMDB, we are not in the second season of Melissa & Joey. Instead, we’re only in the second half of the first. I really don’t know whether IMDB is correct, but I’ll list it that way. I guess.

There wasn’t much to this episode. At least not much more than we saw in the preview. Joe dated Mel’s trainer, and I will admit, I felt bad for Joe at the end of the episode. He thought he was getting a relationship; she thought she was getting an exercise playmate (don’t think about that too much). He was willing to open the nice wine and everything. Not that the wine went to waste. After all, he shared it with Mel. In case you’re wondering whether this was a Who’s the Boss? moment of “Will these crazy kids get together one day?”, well, there’s your foreshadowing.

Joe’s mockery of Mel’s training also seemed out of place. I guess he would have his own notions on exercise, given that he’s rather built, but nothing about his comments felt all that original. They just kinda felt there to push a plot. Much like an ’80s sitcom. Hmmmm.

The show’s still cute enough. I appreciated Lennox’s storyline (so glad she turned him down in the end!), but poor Ryder still has had nothing to do this “season.” I wonder if he ever will.

And that’s about it, folks. I hate to say that there’s nothing else to add, but in a half-hour show that really didn’t have much going for it or against it, there’s not much to say. Where’s Ruby and the Rockits when you need it?


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