Leverage: I’ve Been Conned out of a Con

LEVERAGE: 4.02 “The 10 Li’l Grifters Job”

I should apologize to Leverage. I just said in my Falling Skies post that Falling Skies has replaced Leverage as my favorite summer show. I still love my Leverage, but I must say, this episode didn’t really help the competition. Falling Skies won, hands down.

But this episode really felt like I didn’t get a con. I mean, I got the team, but the murder mystery…well, that’s not Leverage‘s style.

Not to say Leverage has a formula, but in the end, I wanted to see some sort of flashback throughout the evening, where we find out how the gang got what they needed and saved the day. Sure, I wanted to know who killed the mark (after all, he’s Cory and Eric’s dad from Boy Meets World) but the ending wasn’t all that exciting. So the cop did it. It really felt like they just chose the most unlikely person in the room, and it fell on the cop.

The secret passages were fun, but even that felt a little like I was watching the murder mystery episode of Saved by the Bell.

The costumes were fun. I loved watching Hardison and Parker (I always love to watch Hardison and Parker). Actually, while I was disappointed that Parker disappeared for part of the episode, I appreciated that we’re seeing more than just the crazy side of Parker. After all, she was able to analyze the hallway and realize that it was just a little too narrow. I’m not sure that anyone else would have realized that. Interesting.

Also interesting is the role that Eliot is playing this season. While ultimately, I don’t think it was necessary, I appreciated the fact that Eliot was the voice of reason, telling Nate that he has to solve the murder if he expects everything to turn out ok. Why was this not necessary? As a viewer, we all knew he’d have to prove his innocence — or that the team would. It was pretty obvious from the outset.

But watching Eliot as a grifter was quite entertaining. I should really say, watching Eliot as a “grifter” was quite entertaining, since in no way was he successful. Sure, he got his information, but it wasn’t in any natural way. He left both people out cold on the floor (how did no one notice this?).

So it wasn’t my favorite episode of Leverage. That’s ok. There will be others, and I’m sure to enjoy them. So here’s to next week. I’m looking forward to it.


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