Thursday Open Thread: What Show Do You Despise?

ABC Family channel was on the TV sometime last week. It’s not a channel that I particularly like, but it’s often on in the background. One show ended, and then an episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager started. I couldn’t dive across the room fast enough to change the channel.

I HATE this show. I DESPISE IT. The over-dramatic commercials for the show that run non-stop on ABC family are enough to drive me crazy. The show was on for less than a minute as I struggled to find the remote and then another channel, and in that short time, I was overwhelmed by the ridiculously melodramatic music (hey, dumb kids: this is a sad scene because the music is sad!), atrocious acting, and completely over-the-top dramatic conflict.

I don’t watch the show, but I think I’ve learned three important things about it from the promo commercials and from my unwilling exposure to it last week. 1) A lot of dumb people keep getting pregnant, 2) Birth control apparently doesn’t exist in this weird parallel universe, 3) Every episode is a SPECIAL EVENT filled with tears and swelling music!

If you like this show as a guilty pleasure… Well, fine, we all need those. If you like this show because you think it is well-written, acted, or plotted, or because you think it is a realistic depiction of American life, then you must be an idiot. I hate this trashy show and its ham-handed attempts at capturing emotion. I find it inexplicable that it remains on the air, and would much rather watch a lifetime of Raven Simone sitcoms than sit through another thirty seconds of this steaming turd. If I had a time machine, killing Hitler would have to wait. The FIRST think I would do is go back and prevent this series from ever being made.

So, what shows on TV now do you hate with a fiery passion? Your hate can be justified or unjustified, just let us know what’s eating you in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: What Show Do You Despise?

  1. Sheesh! How do you reall feel! Haha.

    For me, it is an Extra-type entertainment show. Can’t stand them. Look what so and so was wearing! Who had a fight on a show about Housewives? I don’t even recognize most of the people (probably bc I don’t watch reality TV). Oh, also, as soon as most reality TV shows come on, I am out. Kardashians, Housewives, whatever. It makes my head hurt.

  2. If you like this show as a guilty pleasure… Well, fine, we all need those.

    Yes, we all need those, but somehow, I don’t think even calling Secret Life a guilty pleasure show is acceptable. It’s awful.

    A show I despise? Disney Channel’s Kick It Up about the stupid middle schoolers who dance. Both of the stars are obnoxious, and every plot is so over the top that it’s insulting to the children who watch the show. Just seeing the commercials or their perky faces in brightly colored “badass” clothes (how you can wear hot pink with emo jeans and “rockstar” chains, I have no idea) makes me shiver with vomit.

    I don’t know how you shiver with vomit, but it makes me do it. Uggh.

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