Melissa & Joey: More of the Same (But Not That Bad)

MELISSA & JOEY: 2.01 1.13 “Enemies with Benefits”

Well, I decided this summer that I’d get back in touch with Melissa & Joey. It wasn’t a show that I was particularly impressed with last year, but it was cute enough, and hey, during the summer, you kinda take what you can get (unless it’s State of Georgia, in which case you just say no).

And I must say, this season was more of the same. I can’t say this show particularly impressed me (some of the jokes felt used or obvious), but it was cute enough.

Now, given that I didn’t pay attention to last season once I stopped watching, I was very disappointed to see that Mel’s best friend from early last season Rhonda was gone this season (though according to IMDB, she wasn’t around that long). I don’t know if we met Tiffany before, but I did find her mildly humorous. Perhaps it was just putting her alongside the straight man of Mel, but she just was so over the top that I was entertained. The storyline, well, that was eh, but she was entertaining enough.

As for the kids, well, they’re still just a side plot in the Mel and Joe story. And it wasn’t all that interesting. I’m not the biggest fan of Lennox, and this story line didn’t necessarily change my mind. It’s not that I don’t like her; I just get tired of the typical over-the-top teenager worried about trivial popularity issues. Yes, I suppose teenagers worry about things like this, but I don’t think they do as much at TV uses it as a plot point.

But the idea that her brother came to her defense because he thought that a perve was on top of his sister was interesting. Definitely a twist that I didn’t see. However, you can, again, see how this is a sitcom. In reality, you can damn well bet that the parent or guardian would be screaming at the school because the gym teacher gave their kid a black eye, no matter what the circumstances were. Part of me would have enjoyed Mel saying an off-hand comment like, “I should probably call the principal about that but, eh, it’s a growing process.” Or something to that extent. I don’t know. Some sort of jokey acknowledgement.

By the way, the steak joke? Totally overdone. I think that was probably used in Family Matters.

But ultimately, the show was as I expected. It’s cute enough, and I’ll probably continue to watch for a while. I like Mel and Joe, and I guess that’s good enough for me!


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