Commercial Rant: Best Buy

Yes, I have real TV I need to be writing about (as well as two Pilot Project posts), but as mentioned previously, vacation and technical difficulties has put me behind. So in the meantime, how about a commercial rant?

It’s summer! But Best Buy misses the point.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a TV blogger. This means I’m constantly connected to a TV or computer. I understand the need to be completely plugged in, checking email, looking at the blogs, chatting it up on Twitter, and of course, watching new episodes of my favorite shows.

But I still understand the point of a vacation and general family values, which is why the new series of summer Best Buy commercials grind my nerves. You can watch the first of the series below.

Not only does Best Buy have the overly perky, annoying spokesperson, but the fact that they have scene after scene after scene depicting people doing outdoorsy, family activities but distracting themselves with some sort of technology is such a sad statement about our civilization.

Can’t we put an ipad down for five seconds while we’re around a campfire? Maybe play a real guitar? You’re in a hot air balloon with your family. Do you really need to stare at a teeny screen instead of the beautiful landscape around you?

It’s actually painful. In the choice between family and enjoying the real world, they choose some piece of technology. In fact, the only scene in this commercial that makes sense is the digital camera that was attached to the skydiver’s head. Now that’s a real use of technology while doing a new and different activity.

And Best Buy could, in fact, play into that. Show us a family that’s using a brand-new video camera. A pool party that someone’s taking a digital photo with their new Canon DSLR. Heck, a group of twenty-somethings riding down the highway in a convertible blasting their new car stereo. There are plenty of realistic uses of technology where you don’t have to ignore what — and who — is around you.

It comes down to the fact that Best Buy is choosing being connected over a real family connection. So this year, when you’re on vacation, ignore the temptation to visit Best Buy to get another shiny distraction. Let them just look around and enjoy your surroundings. You’ll have plenty of time for a 2×2 screen later.


2 thoughts on “Commercial Rant: Best Buy

  1. Yeah, the way they show people using technology makes them seem like some kind of creepy, brain-dead zombie family. It’d be much more effective if, as you said, they were using the technology in ways real people would actually use it. Do you really think that stupid looking guitar app on the iPad would provide more than ten minutes of amusement? And seriously, who’s going give a $600 iPad to some kid in a hot air balloon? That’s just asking for trouble.

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