Switched at Birth: Bay and Basketball

SWITCHED AT BIRTH: 1.03 “Portrait of My Father”

The drama continues, but at least there were real moments this time. Sure, I’m still a little annoyed that Regina is getting so amped up at every little thing, and yes, I do think that the Kennish’s have no idea how controlling they’re being, but we had some real moments there that helped out the show this time.

I loved any time that Regina and Kathryn spoke, particularly the scene where she basically breaks down her composed mask and says that if people find out what happens, they’ll think she’s a bad mother. How does a mother not realize that the baby she’s holding isn’t the one that she carried for nine months? It was a tough moment, and I’m glad that these to moms are actually starting to relate to each other.

Meanwhile, poor Bay. I get so agitated at this show. Everyone’s so focused on Daphne that they keep forgetting about Bay. Fortunately, we had a great scene between her and John that helped it out. You really remembered that there is a father/daughter relationship there, no matter what. It’s just what this show needed.

But there were moments in this episode that were just ok. John’s obsession with basketball, while much like any other parent in this storyline on television, was obtrusive and hard to handle. Plus, yelling for people to do things to a bunch of deaf players really bugged me. Why can’t these people see yet what’s going on? I mean, let’s look at it. There were two scenes, one of which was appropriate and the other, less so. Daphne knocks on Bay’s door, and she says come in. Of course, the natural response to that would be to say, “Come in.” You don’t naturally think the person on the other side can’t hear you. But John, he was in a gym of all deaf kids. Why did he think yelling would do anything? Why can’t he perceive the situation?

And I think that’s something that’s encompassing the show. John and Kathryn just still don’t get it. They say they’re learning, but are they?

Meanwhile, we still had the rich versus poor storyline, especially with Bay and her new beau. I personally liked her brother’s response (I’m starting to like Toby more and more, as he’s in more of the show) when he found out that Ty wouldn’t accept the money. And I would have liked it more if that had been Ty’s reaction in person, as opposed to the rich girl/poor guy response. I think that easily could get old — and fast. Especially since Regina and Kathryn are constantly bickering about it.

Daphne still stands as the model of perfection. Sure, she got mad while playing basketball, but will we see anything other than chipper and happy? How is this not doing any emotional damage to her like it is to Bay? Yes, she got upset when Bay asked about her father (a natural question), and Daphne did have a strong reaction to Bay’s claim that perhaps he just didn’t want to be her dad (that was plain rude). But I wouldn’t mind seeing more sides of Daphne.

But one thing that was cool was that phone call. The interpreter on the call? I didn’t know they did that! So cool.


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