Drop Dead Diva: The First Cut Is the Deepest — But the Second One Hurts Like Hell

DROP DEAD DIVA: 3.01 “Hit and Run”

I didn’t remember much from last season’s finale of Drop Dead Diva. Of course, I remembered Grayson’s being hit by a car (who could forget that). But I’d forgotten about Kim’s firing from the firm and the fact that Fred stood idly by as Grayson lay dying. Most of all, I forgot he called Jane Deb.

Well, it’s a good thing I caught the episode on rerun this weekend during Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva marathon.

The premiere this season jumps right in. Or so I thought. I have to say, ultimately, the episode didn’t disappoint, even in its first few moments. I was instantly intrigued to find out that maybe, just maybe, Grayson, too, was put into someone else’s body. But once someone else piped up, in good Drop Dead Diva fashion, we realized it was a dream. A dream…with a dance number.

Was the dance number as good as last season’s premiere? Maybe not. But last season didn’t have a dancing nun and priest on the roof of the hospital either.

While it would have been interesting if Jane wasn’t the only person with a different person inside her, it’s not the way the show went. Grayson’s in a coma, and Vanessa’s still with him. And Jane’s just hoping he remembers her as Deb.

I have to say, I was a little disappointed in Fred’s explanation. The end of last season really made him out to be a potential bad guy, like he knew Grayson was about to be hit by a car and potentially die but didn’t stop it. I understand Jane’s anger. However, I didn’t understand her quick forgiveness at the end of the episode. I suppose for Jane, only a little while has passed. For us, the viewer, Fred’s betrayal lasted months (well, for those of us remembered, but I recall now having a visceral reaction to Fred’s blank expression at the end of the finale). Can we forgive months of betrayal in a mere hour of television? I love Fred, but I think I needed more than his “I thought you might need me” explanation.

In other news, we have the cases. I enjoyed them (though, really, Wendy Williams?!). I always find it interesting when Jane and Stacy find the quirky way to prove someone guilty. Sure, Stacy might’ve just have been there for the celebrity, but I love it when they work together. That being said, I feel like the case went too fast, so the result snuck up on me. This is probably because we were focusing so much on Grayson’s fate, including the brief moment where we think he’s going to have amnesia, which only lasted a mere few moments (we probably didn’t need that, actually).

Alternatively, I did enjoy Kim’s case, which is surprising, since Kim’s never been one of my favorite characters because of her somewhat mean attitude (come on, we all felt that way). But she’s great, facing Parker on a case that probably shouldn’t have gone to court. That was great. And the punishment fit the crime. Even better.

Ultimately, it was a strong premiere, especially, once you got to the end. What hurts more than finding out your true love is marrying someone else? Giving yourself the hope that he’ll wake up and love you…only to find out that nothing’s changed. He still wants someone else, and he still wants you to stand by his side and support him.

Jane’s walking down the hall at the end of the episode was perfect. Even I was feeling that pain. Where does she go from here?


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