Moment of the Week: NPH at the Tonys — or is it?

Dear me! I almost forgot to put up a Moment of the Week this week. Which is disappointing, since I chose one on Monday morning when I saw all the buzz about Neil Patrick Harris’ appearances on the Tony Awards.

The most talked-about was probably the dancing dual, of sorts, between NPH and Hugh Jackman. Now, despite the couple moments where the lighting guys couldn’t find the performers, this was an entertaining number. So here you go, this week’s Moment of the Week.

As a runner-up, check up NPH’s opening number.

Man, me loves some Neil.


UPDATE: It occurs to me that in my fun dancing-and-singing focus, I totally blanked that perhaps the latest episode of Game of Thrones should have achieved this honor. You know, since that was HUGE and all. Anyway, fight about it in the comments. I’ll hold out that the next episode might bring an even bigger moment of the week. (But seriously, how can they top that?!)

Neil or Ned. Neil or Ned. Gosh, I don’t even know.


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