A Chat with Falling Skies’ Moon Bloodgood!

I am one lucky lucky girl. Remember that screening of Falling Skies — my favorite series this summer, by the way — that I wrote about this week? Well, luckily for me, I was able to sit down with Falling Skies star Moon Bloodgood and chat about the show while she was in Boston.

Moon plays Anne Glass on the show, a pediatrician-turned-medic after aliens take over. Unlike the many other characters on the show who are on the front lines fighting the “skitters” and “mechs,” Anne represents the softer side of the war, representing the civilians that the fighters are out to protect.

Moon was a joy to talk to, and it was a really fun interview. She was very grounded and laid back, and between discussing chai lattes, whether she’s visited Boston before (this was her second trip), and Charleston, SC (she’s never been, but was familiar with Pat Conroy), we had a great chat about the upcoming new series and her experience both with the show and her many previous projects. Take a look at some of the highlights below.


On joining Falling Skies: Like many others involved in the show (and those watching it), Moon was naturally interested in Falling Skies because of Steven Spielberg. She knew that he was “always going to do good work, especially science fiction.” But the best thing about the show is that the primary story focuses on family — Tom (played by Noah Wyle) and his boys. The sci-fi parts are really secondary.

Getting to know Anne: Moon knew very little about her character when the show first started. In fact, her background was rather fuzzy. They didn’t quite know whether they wanted Anne to be an artist, lawyer… Eventually, they settled on a doctor, and at that point, Moon did a little of her own back story. But what Moon likes most about Anne is her personality. She likes that she is rational and fair. It is a different role for her, but that’s a good thing. “I was tired of the action femme fatale,” she says. She likes portraying someone real and accessible.

On the cast: The show has a large cast and doesn’t hesitate to cover all of the characters in the show with their own story. Moon loves the cast. She has nothing but compliments, including calling Will Patton (who plays hardcore Weaver) “excellent,” and she has especially high praise for Noah Wyle: “Noah is a great actor…He’s complex and always thinking.”

On the setting: The show is set in Boston, but it was shot in Toronto. Nonetheless, Moon’s impressed with Boston. “I would have loved to shoot in Boston.” She’s always willing to “experience a new city.” She does love Toronto, but the vibe in Boston is different. She especially likes the history and architecture, and considers Boston to be a “special” city. There are few special cities, she says, and Boston is one of them, along with New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, and a few others. “We’re not known for architecture in California,” she adds. LA doesn’t have that same specialness.

The hardest part: The hardest part about shooting Falling Skies was the darkness. Falling Skies shows a world demolished and people living in a desolate landscape, she comments. There’s a sadness there and it was difficult to “maintain that darkness,” she says. There are hard parts of every job you don’t like, she adds, but you hope that the rewards outweigh those difficulties.

If an invasion came, where would she be? Moon admits that she’d probably be hiding, protecting her family, looking for reserves, and ultimately, gathering information. Perhaps when she was younger, she might’ve said she’d be a fighter, she says, but “you just change as you get older.” She admits, though, that if they needed fighters, she might be there. As someone especially patriotic — and someone who feels that we’re free today because of what soldiers have done for us — she would be willing to change her mind. Ultimately, though, an alien invasion would be a rather scary situation. We’d be fighting beings that are “way more advanced, way more hostile,” she says. She reflects on Tim Robbins’ character in War of the Worlds, who goes crazy. “That could be any one of us,” she adds.

On hope: Between the writers and Noah, there’s a very intentional message of hope throughout the series, despite the grim and threatening circumstances the characters find themselves in. And to Moon, it’s something necessary: “All stories in life need hope…If you don’t have hope, there’s no glimmer of light.”

Any pressure? Not really. Moon doesn’t have any nervousness about the series. She’s already been through portraying it, so in her own words, she’s “more Buddhist about it.” She doesn’t like to think about work too much, once she’s finished a project.

On watching her own performances: Does she watch her own work? “Once,” she says, “I’ll try to watch it once.” But that’s it. While she can’t entirely pinpoint a reason, she does have a few guesses as to why. “When I’m done with something, it loses some allure and mystery,” she says. “I’ve lived through it already to watch it.”

On Twitter: Sorry, fans! Mark Verheiden (writer/executive producer) and Drew Roy (who plays Hal) may be on Twitter, but Moon and Noah are two that opted not to tweet. She says it can be “invasive of her privacy.” That being said, she sees the benefit of having, say, Shaq tweet that he’s at his favorite pizza place, and suddenly that place gets incredible business. So there are definitely positives, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing Moon on Twitter any time soon.

On her fans: Did I mention how grounded Moon was? When I asked about her fans, her reply was, “I don’t even know what fans I have!” She doesn’t think of herself as famous. As one of her friends once told her, she’s not famous; she’s “Google-able.”


Well, Moon, despite what you say, you do have fans, and they’re looking forward to seeing you in Falling Skies this summer. The show premieres with a two-hour even on Sunday, June 19, on TNT, so don’t forget to watch!

Want more Falling Skies? Check out our interview with executive producer Mark Verheiden, a chat with Noah Wyle, and some fun facts shared at the Boston screening. Then check back here for more!

*images courtesy of TNT


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