Thursday Open Thread: Favorite Spin-Off

This post gives a special shoutout to fellow tweeter Aladarye, who suggested it! Thanks!

Well, you can’t avoid them. When one show’s a success, you can bet there will be talk of spin-offs, and sometimes they come through. Case and point: We’ll be seeing a different side of Bones this season, with a new spin-off called The Finder. I know little about it, but hey, we like to keep things timely and relevant here on Raked. All this leads me to ask:

What’s your favorite spin-off series?

This can be old or new, so don’t scour the listings too hard for this one. In fact, let me make it easy for you. Here’s a good list of spin-offs on wikipedia.

I’m going to avoid the obvious here and go into one of my favorites that you might not expect.

That’s right, folks. We’re going with Darkwing Duck! To this day, I still remember the theme song: Darkwing Duck! When there’s trouble you call D-W. Darkwing Duck! Let’s get dangerous. And who’da thunk it? Darkwing Duck was a direct spin-off of Ducktales (also an oldie but goodie).

Seriously, to this day, if I could get my barkalounger to rotate into a slide the takes me directly to my car, I’d do it. Love it.

Cartoons can really be one of the best type of spin-off, really. So much creativity is involved. Think Pinky & the Brain. Yep, that became a series off of Animaniacs. Plus, it’s not like a sitcom, which can turn sour. I mean, Frasier was a contender, until I remembered how much of a sex fiend Frasier became in the later seasons.

So what do you think? What’s your favorite spin-off? And who can guess what my obvious (but unmentioned) favorite is?

You better watch out, you bad boys…


5 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Favorite Spin-Off

  1. DW was a spin-off? Man, I liked that show. Next to that, my favorite would be 60 Minutes II… But in all seriousness, I can’t really think of a favorite spin-off.

  2. Ok…I’m here, finally!!! I’m sure your unmentioned favorite is my about-to-be-mentioned favorite…..Angel! It appears my idea wasn’t that much of a success, if only JC and I have commented….that makes me sad. Maybe next time you’re stuck on a topic, I can come up with a better one! :-/

  3. @aladarye

    Give it time! I put this one up late, and some people might be checking back later. And yep, you guessed what my real favorite is…well, until Connor entered the scene. And slept with Cordelia.

  4. So what, no mention here of Joey?!

    But seriously, Angel is the obvious answer, but an excellent call out of Darkwing Duck, one of my favorite Disney series growing up. And yes, DW was definitely a spinoff, grabbing Scrooge McDuck’s pilot Launchpad as a goofy sidekick. And don’t forget Gizmoduck’s occasional appearances. If I remember, his appearances with DW usually mocked the Superman / Batman teamups.

    Also worth mention here is what, in my opinion, was probably the best Trek series: Deep Space Nine. DS9 was a direct spinoff of The Next Generation (not specifically a new series in itself) in that it not only begins with a reference to a specific major battle in the Next Generation series, but also brought on TNG recurring character Miles O’Brien (Colm Meaney) as a DS9 cast member. Also joining a few seasons later was Worf (Michael Dorn). Now, I’ve watched a good bit of Trek, but I’m not much of a Trekkie at all. I grew up a little on reruns of the original series and TNG, watched the first few seasons of DS9 and caught an ep or two of Voyager and Enterprise. Frankly, DS9 is the only one of them that really has the potential to make it worth watching more than once. It’s the only real Trek series with genuine conflict between its main characters.

  5. Yeah, Roddenberry’s optimism about our potential to be better human beings someday in the future does tend to be one of the Trek franchises strongest and weakest points. The only Star Trek I watched during its original run was Enterprise, which I always enjoyed, despite its various flaws. (That was a series that never quite lived up to its potential, though.)

    Angel is fabulous, but beyond that, it’s possible that I just fail at spin-offs: I love Babylon 5 but haven’t seen Crusade. Loved Battlestar Galactica, couldn’t get into Caprica. I love Doctor Who, but I’m a bit lukewarm on Torchwood — that one, though, I’ve at least watched, and am looking forward to its next incarnation. I keep hoping for more substance and consistency, so we’ll see.

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