Pushing Daisies: First Impressions

It’s the first in my summer series of The Pilot Project! There’s a lot of good and bad TV out there, and I’m going to view it!

I thought I’d start with something that a lot of people have been telling me to try, including our fellow writer KT. So here goes. My thoughts on the pilot of Pushing Daisies.

Expectations: I’ve heard nothing but good things about Pushing Daisies, with the exception of one comment: “Sometimes the voiceover gets on my nerves.” Given that, I’ve got pretty high expectations. Well, perhaps “high expectations” isn’t right; more accurately, I expect to like it. It’s got a pretty  good cast (including a leading man from Wonderfalls) and a a creative premise (what I know of it). Now, I think Swoozie Kurtz might only have one eye in the series, which could be a deterrent, but still, I think I’ll enjoy it nonetheless. In fact, I expect I’ll want to continue watching, only to be very disappointed that it’s time on TV was cut short.

Reactions: Ok…that was…interesting. It certainly kept my attention. It was an interesting story, and I really loved Ned and Emerson (they were great together). I knew that there were strange colors and a unique setting, but I guess I didn’t realize how story-book this was. It reminded me a bit of Nanny McPhee with the majority of sets (the exception being the morgue, of course).

I will say, though, that I just am not sure about Anna Friel. I so desperately want her to be Zooey Deschanel. There’s something about the colors and the cute factor that makes me want Deschanel to be the leading lady. And sadly, Friel falls short. I still like her, but it’s an adjustment. She’s just not meeting what I would like to see of her in the show.

But she’s fun enough. Her personality is likable (though it would have been perfect for Deschanel), and I can certainly see where you desperately want these crazy kids together week to week.

Would I watch week to week? Well, it’s hard to say. It was intriguing enough to make me curious, so I imagine I’ll watch more. But what would the next episode look like? That’s a question that the pilot doesn’t quite answer. Where do Chuck’s aunts fit in, and when will they discover the truth about Chuck? Is this basically going to be a quirky procedural, where Chuck, Ned, and Emerson find killers week to week? What is this show?

But it did have its highlights. I did find myself laughing out loud, and as I mentioned before, Ned and Emerson’s relationship is fantastic. That alone is enough to tune into regularly.

Overall, I liked it. And that’s high praise. After all, the show started with killing a dog. That’s pretty hard to overcome. Now all I want to do is give that dog a hug, something Ned can’t do. Further observations? The narrator didn’t get to me all too much, but I do hope later episodes aren’t so heavy handed with it. There was a lot of exposition to share in this episode.

Last — and you know I have to at least say something about it — I can see past the eye patch (even if Aunt Lily can’t).


5 thoughts on “Pushing Daisies: First Impressions

  1. The visual style of the show is just so odd… along with everything else. I’m kind of surprised that it existed on network TV, as it seems so quirky that it must be a cable series. But I agree with you… I’m not sure where they’re going to take it from here.

  2. Clearly, I haven’t seen as much Zooey Deschanel as you, though I definitely see the resemblance now you mention it! Anna Friel is ridiculously sweet and adorable, though — she doesn’t get much to do in the first episode, as I remember, but if you go back for more, I think she’ll grow on you.

    I absolutely agree about Ned and Emerson’s relationship — actually, Emerson is great when paired with pretty much anybody. Olive comes into her own later in the series, despite an awkward beginning.

    Definitely the style is highly unusual for network tv, and I bet it would have lasted longer on cable, sigh.

    For anyone interested, I’m planning at least one Recap Review for this series, since I’ve recently finished watching it myself. 🙂

  3. I’m interested! I’m interested! Recap Reviews. Huzzah!

    I don’t now why Deschanel stuck in my head so much. I knew she wasn’t in it, but I just felt like she’d be a perfect fit for the show. And it’s not even that I think I dislike Friel. She was good. But hey, if she gets cuter, even better!

  4. Not only does the series share a leading man, but they share a creator. Just saying.

    And Chi McBride is badass in everything. (He was about the sole reason I ever watched any episodes of Boston Public.)

    As for Daisies, Anna Friel will grow on you. I’m halfway into the 2nd (and last) season and have been getting a real kick out of it.

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