Franklin & Bash: One Case This Time

FRANKLIN & BASH: 1.02 “She Came Upstairs to Kill Me”

Almost in answer to my complaint last week that I didn’t pay attention to the big case because I was paying attention to the other two, we only had one case this week. Well, there was a deposition that Franklin sat halfway through before dashing away, but given that didn’t go anywhere beyond the office, I think we can ignore that one. Which is disappointing, as it seemed like a waste of a role for Biff from Back to the Future.

(He probably hates to be called that. His name is Thomas F. Wilson. Check out his IMDB page to learn that he’s someone beyond Biff from Back to the Future.)

Anyway, so there was one main case. It was still a bit of a busy episode. On the bright side, Hannah really didn’t make an appearance (thank God), and we did get some humorous moments from Franklin and Bash. My complaints? Well, first, I wouldn’t say this case was all that new. I feel like I’d heard it before. Perhaps they did this on Ally McBeal or The Practice? I’m not sure. But “death by sex” is not entirely original.

In other news, I was a bit less than enchanted with Stanton in this episode. He had a little of the quirkiness from the first episode, but I felt like he lost it in the courtroom. I mean, they referenced that he killed his opener. I don’t think that was true. If anything, I was skeptical of the “this is a love story” opener.

But somehow they won. Not to say I didn’t feel like that was a stretch. In the end, he was trying to tell a joke? Even if that were true, I have no idea why the jury would believe it. And why would he tell a joke as his final words? Really, it was a stretch.

And the juror. Once they figured out she was sneaking out info, why not take her off the jury? Wouldn’t it make it worse if the judge found out your team was asking about deliberations instead of reporting the felony?

Despite the way the episode was pasted together, the characters kept me going. I like their interactions, and I look forward to more. I just hope the story can get a little stronger in upcoming episodes.


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