Falling Skies Boston Screening: June 6, 2011

The first two hours of Falling Skies premiered last night in Boston, almost a full two weeks before the premiere on TNT. It was a really fun event and included two special guests — Falling Skies creator Bob Rodat and star Moon Bloodgood!

While having already seen these two episodes in the press kit I received a few months ago, it was entirely a different experience on the big screen. The frightening alien “skitters” were suddenly five times your size, and when they jump out at you, you can’t hold back a startled jump. It’s certainly worth checking out on your big screen at home, even if you don’t have a movie theater.

Best of all was the crowd. With a completely packed house at the Loews on Boston Common and a show set in Boston, the audience had no hesitation to laugh at various references to Boston references — including the 2004 World Series. Bob Rodat and Moon Bloodgood were happy enough to have a Q&A at the end of the viewing, hosted by WAAF’s Kevin Barbare. You can take a look at a few pictures in the slideshow below (Bob on the left and Moon on the right) — and check out a few fun facts about Falling Skies from the Q&A.

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Falling Skies Fun Facts:

  • Bob Rodat is a Bostonian, which explains why the show would be set here.
  • Though the show takes place in Boston, the show was filmed in Toronto. “I would have given anything to shoot the show in Boston,” said Bob. Unfortunately, when push came to shove, it was just too expensive.
  • Despite its setting, there are little to no Boston accents on the show. The hardest thing, claimed Bob, was to get rid of the Canadian accents! Moon just knew the accent was difficult to get right; it’s “too easy to butcher,” she said.
  • The “skitter” alien was designed by Steven Spielberg himself.
  • As you go through the series, you find out that there might be other resistance troops across the country, but will those other areas be shown? Unfortunately, that would only be incorporated off-screen. “Three hundred extras are a lot to imply,” Bob said. To combat that, he joked that they’d be picking off larger and larger groups throughout the series, to dwindle down the team of extras. “Soon enough there’s going to be four survivors in a house with a gun,” he laughs.
  • The Boston/Yankees reference? From the show’s prop master, who is also from Boston.
  • Strangely enough, Moon finds horror and sci-fi “relaxing.” She loves it. Another note? Bladerunner is one of her favorite movies.
  • This is the first TV show Bob has worked on!
  • The actors do help the writers to some degree, as they’re the experts on their characters, as Bob explained. They have a “tight feedback loop with the writers,” which lets the show not only evolve on screen but through the actors as well.
  • Lacrosse is featured in the series because Bob’s own kids play it, and they’re around the same age as Tom’s kids.
  • At the time of the premiere, it will have been two years since the time the pilot was shot. “It’s been forever,” add Moon.
  • As a little Easter egg, watch for “typos,” as Bob puts it, including a certain set of Boston-area directions that might not be so accurate.
  • Generally, they like to figure out parts of the show as they go, letting it “grow organically in the writers’ room,” as Bob put it. There’s a cliffhanger at the end of the season that puts a key character on the spot. Where does the show go from there? Well, the writers are working on that.

Don’t forget to catch Falling Skies on June 19 on TNT for it’s two-hour premiere event! Looking for more? Check out the interview with Mark Verheiden, a Q&A with Noah Wyle, and check back here on Raked for more!


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