Moment of the Week: The Buffy Musical Gets Remixed (well, kinda)

Remember a few months ago when Amber Benson tweet-chatted me about Cat’s Claw? Well, she continues to be awesome, and she shared on her blog that if 200 people read and reviewed her book on Amazon, she’d offer up a spoof of her famous solo from the Buffy musical, “Under Your Spell.”

Well, guess what? 200 of you were asked and answered, and now, Amber has to pay up.

And so she did. This week’s moment is devoted to Amber’s remix (and slightly terrifying but also catchy) new version of “Under Your Spell.” Check out her post with her new version on her blog or just click her lovely picture below.

Don’t know the song. Well, first, check out the Buffy musical. Don’t have a full hour? Well, here’s the song (with much lower quality) on YouTube.

*image from Yahoo! TV


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