Commercial Rant: Glad Force Flex

I’m making a large leap here that JC might be tired of my rants about the various commercials that are on TV. Since I watch TV on TV and not just online, I end up seeing a lot. Commercials, for the most part, are horrible. So dedicating an occasional post on the site to a “Commercial Rant” seems like a fair idea. First up: Glad Force Flex.

Take a look at the commercial in question below, and then see my comments below.

This commercial really shouldn’t bother me as much as it should. Beyond my dislike of “cute” kids doing news reports (I think this stems from multiple interview “shows” on Disney Channel hosted by various annoying children throughout the years), there really isn’t anything here that should grind my nerves as much as it does.

But alas, it does. With three little words: “Mom was mad.”

Ok, look at that woman. That woman looks anything but mad. She looks like in her head, she just thought, “Sigh. I think that meatloaf just caused me indigestion.” It’s more resigned than anything else. There’s no anger here. So to hear these little kids say Mom was mad! really gets to me. What do they know of mad? I can’t imagine how this woman disciplines her children.

Then, let’s analyze the trash bag “incident.” The kids say, “Look at what sometimes happens with ordinary bags.” The key word here is sometimes. I can’t think of a time that I’ve ever thrown two plates full of food in the garbage with such force that the sides of the bags fell. I mean, sure, I’ve had bags fall before. And honestly, it’s not a big deal. But most people actually look at the bag and realize that throwing might cause the bag to fall, so they plan accordingly. Plus, this woman is throwing these plates full of food in there with so much force I’m expecting a major league batter to thwack it back at her. Yes, kids, sometimes this might happen. In an unrealistic commercial at least.

And the kids seem so upset. This might be part of the “news story” drama, but why should they be so upset? They’re not even clearing the table!

My fix? Well, I could entirely seeing this become a problem with, say, a dinner party with lots of disposable cups, plates, and silverware. Now there’s a situation where bags tend to fall off the edge of a lid. And hey, people might not be paying attention or they might toss their half-full cup of Coke in the trash with some sort of force.

Next time, make a realistic commercial. And ditch the kids. Please, ditch the kids.


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