Moment of the Week: Tree Hill gets Muppet-y

Ok, ok, this might not be the BIGGEST moment in TV this week. There were renewals, pickups, and that ugly bloodbath of cancellations last Friday and weekend. There were reality show winners and finalists. There was casting news (oh, does anyone care about Ashton Kutcher?).

But then, there was this. I’m a fan of anything Muppet, even Cee Lo Green dressing up like a 1970s Muppet Show Elton to sing , “Forget You.” So when One Tree Hill whipped this out, um, yeah, I had to share it.

So here goes…

Nathan and Lydia perform “Mahna Mahna”

It was even featured on TV Squad. See? I’m not the only one who loved it. Ok, so maybe they called it ridiculous. Clearly, by “ridiculous,” they meant “awesome.”

Oh, and of course, the original…


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