Thursday Open Thread: Cancellation Reactions

Last Friday was a bloodbath. Suddenly, all over Twitter, we were hearing left and right which shows were being slashed from next fall’s lineup. It was ugly. And in the end, there are over 30 shows we won’t be seeing back next season.

Ok, well, some of these 30 shows were decided before last weekend’s announcements, like Smallville and Life Unexpected, but others were more surprising. Or at least, if they weren’t surprising, people had real reactions.

So what about you?

Which cancelled shows are you most upset about? Which shows that are returning next season do you wish would have said good-bye?

To help you out, here is a list of all the shows cancelled per network, supplied by TV Squad.

‘Better With You’
‘Brothers & Sisters’
‘Detroit 1-8-7’
‘Mr. Sunshine’
‘My Generation’
‘No Ordinary Family’
‘Off the Map’

‘America’s Next Great Restaurant’
‘The Cape’
‘The Event’
‘Friday Night Lights’
‘Law & Order: LA’
‘The Paul Reiser Show’
‘Perfect Couples’
‘School Pride’

‘Breaking In’
‘The Chicago Code’
‘Human Target’
‘Lie to Me’
‘Lone Star’
‘Running Wilde’
‘Traffic Light’

‘Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior’
‘The Defenders’
‘Mad Love’
‘$#*! My Dad Says’

‘Life Unexpected’

Personally, I’m most bummed about V. Yes, I know, it was a bubble show. And ABC really didn’t give it much of a chance, what with the fact that they didn’t even have it available online after the show aired. It didn’t have great ratings, and it was lucky that it got the renewal last year.

But it also had one kickass finale. Many a fan and TV blogger wanted to know what would happen next. Plus, they killed off one of the show’s weakest spots. Tyler’s death is probably one of the best things that happened all year! They could have turned the show in a very interesting and new direction — and Erica’s discovery of the secret force fighting the Vs certainly would have helped with that. Oh well.

One show that I’m surprised didn’t make the cancellation list is Rules of Engagement. How does that show keep surviving? Who watches it? On the other hand, if we’re looking at sitcoms that are just getting by but worth a second season, I would have gone with Mad Love or Mr. Sunshine. Again, oh well.

But what about you? What are your reactions?

image from Yahoo! TV

You realize this means the aliens won, right?


6 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Cancellation Reactions

  1. I’m a little bummed that Mad Love was cancelled. I enjoyed the show and thought it had potential. In fact, the two friends (Connie and Larry) made the show! Oh well…one less thing to DVR I guess.

  2. You’re right. Connie and Larry made the show. It certainly wasn’t one of the best sitcoms of our times, but it was one that I tended to enjoy when I watched it.

  3. Kinda disappointed about Mr. Sunshine. I mean, I’ll certainly live just fine without it, but I’m a little disappointed that it’ll never have the chance to become as good a show as I thought it had the potential to be. On the bright side, at least it went out on it’s best episode.

  4. Oh, and thank goodness $#*! My Dad Says won’t be coming back for another season. The few episodes I sat through were downright painful.

  5. I started liking Mr. Sunshine more near the end of its run, so I wouldn’t have minded seeing that come back. Otherwise though? No tears here for me.

  6. It’s too bad Mr. Sunshine wasn’t renewed and was so heavily on the bubble that they couldn’t make changes to turn it around. It would have been nice if they could have signed on Lizzie Caplan as a regular and then given it another season. She really made that finale great.

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