One Tree Hill: This Finale Looks Like the Beginning

ONE TREE HILL: 8.22 “This Is My House, This Is My Home”

First and foremost, yay! It’s official. One Tree Hill is renewed! But you wouldn’t know it from tonight’s episode. It’s strange. I had heard that there was a series finale and a season finale, so that they’d choose according to whether OTH was getting renewed. Well, either that wasn’t true, or word didn’t get out, because tonight’s episode sure felt like a finale — a series finale. It was blatant. Jamie became Lucas. Um, yeah.

In fact, I had myself fooled into thinking this would be set up as the traditional OTH finale. You know, at the end, someone was left in an almost-dead situation. So for the final eight minutes of the episode, I thought something horrible would happen. Dan’s alone in the diner — he’s going to kill himself! Quinn and Clay are alone in the house — it’s going to catch on fire! Jamie’s alone on the bridge — he’s either a) going to get kidnapped or b) going to fall off the bridge!

A morbid mind, I know, but so far we’ve seen Dan have a heart attack, get knocked out and left in a burning building, try to hang himself, and get hit by a car. Clay and Quinn have been shot, and Nathan has been trapped in a sinking car under water with his unconscious uncle and friend. Really, OTH finales have a lot to live up to.

And so will the eventual series finale. Where will this show go now? We really saw where the writers wanted the characters to end up: Nathan is starting to feel more for Dan. Brooke and Julian have their new family. Quinn and Clay are happy, and so are all the other couples (Mouth/Millie; Chase/Alex). In fact, this was a little like The Sex and the City Movie; we kinda had an entire season of events stuck into one quick hour of TV.

Not that I’m complaining. I enjoyed the episode. Ok, I could have taken less of Jamie and his girl troubles. I mean, how old is he? Also, I could have used a little less Mouth and Millie. Millie getting a job offer? Really? Seriously, if she moved to Charlotte, who would feed her the stories? Mouth is doing all the work already.

But everyone else, I enjoyed. Karen’s Cafe is back, and Brooke has a role in it. I loved seeing Brooke and Julian’s relationship as her pregnancy progressed — especially his refusing to call her fat and then his calling her fat at just the wrong time. Quinn and Clay were nice, and I’m glad he got his barcalounger back, even if it wasn’t the original.

But the Dan/Nathan scene was really the standout, mainly because it was so simple. Nathan didn’t let Dan take a huge step forward back into the family. Dan is still outcasted. But Nathan took a big one by giving him a picture and filling him in. I’m excited to see another season so maybe we can see that develop.

My one complaint? Ok, I get that Jamie was supposed to reflect Lucas right there at the end, but Dan made a point to ask, “Baseball?” when Nathan told him about his game-winning hit. So if baseball’s his thing, why the basketball?

Ok, so it’s all for art, and I did like that this show really did touch on the fact that there’s a new generation in Tree Hill. Brooke’s boys, Jamie, Lydia… It’s nice. Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll see One Tree Hill: The Next Generation.

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