A Belated Thursday Open Thread: Season Finale Cliffhangers

As more and more seasons are ending, I’ve got more and more questions about how you like your finales. We covered your favorites last week, so on this Thursday Friday, I now wonder…

Thumbs up or thumbs down: Season finale cliffhangers

What do you think? Personally, I love them. I love the feeling that all summer I’m wondering what’s going to happen next so that when the season premiere rolls around, I’m really itching to find out more.

Sure, it’s painful, the not knowing. But at some point in the summer months, I push that pain aside and forget about it, just in time for the promos to come back and amp me up more.

Is it a risk? Of course. Sometimes the cliffhanger doesn’t match the premiere. Case and point: Bones. Booth loses his memory, only to find out that in the premiere, six months have past and he’s gotten a lot of it back. What a letdown. But then there are the other ones. Ones that make you wonder if someone’s going to live or die, like seeing poor Tom Everett Scott shot and bleeding on a front porch while everyone celebrates July 4th down the block on Southland. That one makes me tingle with excitement just thinking about it. Or what about the first season finale of Vampire Diaries, when Katherine cuts off John’s fingers and is in the house with Elena. Talk about goosebumps.

Yes, a good cliffhanger can make me happy. But what about you?

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3 thoughts on “A Belated Thursday Open Thread: Season Finale Cliffhangers

  1. I generally like them. The really well-done ones make it awfully hard to wait around until next season to pick up the story though!

  2. Generally, I’m not a fan of cliffhangers. I like season finales to point to a change that the show will be undertaking in the next season, but don’t really like cliffhangers because, quite frankly, if I spend 24 episodes following a storyline, I’d like things to be resolved at the end of the season. Otherwise I feel like someone’s yanking my chain. Maybe other people like it, but 23 episodes of build up to a major event that provides more questions than answers just makes me feel like I’ve wasted a lot of my time that year.

  3. I think you have a point, CS, and I think that’s the exact reason why the most recent finale of Vampire Diaries bothered me so much. The Klaus storyline wasn’t put to rest (and it was a bad one to start with).

    That being said, I think there are some shows that do successful cliffhangers where it starts the season in a new direction, while closing up the story arc. While I rarely commend this show, Desperate Housewives is a great example. Season to season, the story arc is completed, with one new neighbor positioning the show in a new direction for the next season.

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