One Tree Hill: And the Truth Comes Out

ONE TREE HILL: 8.20 “The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul”

Overall, I liked this episode of OTH, but I can’t say I liked how it was done. The format — the softball game with Jamie’s voiceover and flashbacks — just felt contrived and forced. I would have preferred your standard episode that went through the episode chronologically. After all, there weren’t really any missing points we were trying to figure out. It’s not like at the start of the episode you found yourself at a funeral, only to discover by the end who actually died, a la Army Wives. Nothing here was all that huge.

Don’t get me wrong. There were some huge reveals. The first, and happiest, was Brooke’s pregnancy news! True, it was a bit of a roundabout way to find out Brooke was pregnant. Chase needed Alex to do a drug test for him (we won’t even get into how wrong it was to fake a drug test for the US government so he could join the air force), but she couldn’t because of some drugged brownies, so she went to ask Julian who wasn’t there, so she asked Brooke. I just got dizzy typing that. But ultimately, it means that they get their happy family and they’re staying in Tree Hill. That’s a good thing.

On the other side of the spectrum was the discovery that it really was Ian Kellerman who hit the car Brooke and Jamie were trapped in that scary, stormy night. This is no surprise to me, but apparently, it takes a little convincing for Clay. I must say, the first part of this episode, Clay was a bit heartless. Leaning on the “he’s our client and his father confessed” excuse just seemed cold. So it’s a damn good thing that he was the one that launched Ian into the water over the bridge. Sure, JC might’ve looked at me skeptically as I cheered the move, but I was quite excited. However, I think Julian’s probably a little lucky that Ian didn’t press charges. He almost crossed a line there, even if he was proving a point, continuously dunking Ian’s head into the water.

My question, though, is what happens next? Sure, Ian isn’t represented anymore, but he still gets his chance in front of the scouts. Personally, I would have let him get an offer by a scout, then press charges for the hit and run. Then he could just watch all of his dreams fade away. Even if they couldn’t prove it, it would ruin his reputation for any team he signs with (especially since he’s fresh out of school). Now that’s getting what he deserves.

Now, back to the game. I really wasn’t invested in the game (let alone Clay and Quinn), and Jamie is no Lucas. His voiceovers fell flat for me, and I cared little about whether he struck out. More so, I was mildly offended that the one girl on the team was afraid of the ball.

I played baseball as a kid, I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t that great either, but I wasn’t afraid. So there.


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