HIMYM: How I Met Your Alcohol

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 6.22 “The Perfect Cocktail”

Don’t be ridiculous. It’s a cockamouse.

I can’t say that I particularly expected to be reacquainted with the cockamouse this episode, but there he was with all his cockamouse babies. Well, as much as we could see of him inside the creepy Arcadian. But hey, at least he was a nice throwback to season one, when the series was good and Ted wasn’t obnoxious.

To be fair, Ted wasn’t too obnoxious in this episode; I just had no interest in him. We started the episode noting that he and Zoey don’t discuss the Arcadian because it causes conflict in their relationship, but wasn’t that what we discovered an episode or two ago? It wasn’t new news. In fact, I’m noticing that anything involving Zoey seems to be rather stale and boring, mainly because we’re frustrated viewers wanting to know who the mother is, not the fate of an old hotel.

And what about Zoey? Ever since she and Ted got together, she’s been rather one-dimensional, only showing passion for the hotel that she’s fighting for. Perhaps that’s why Ted’s declaration of love fell so flat for me. Zoey’s certainly no Stella, and even she started to fall flat in the end of the relationship. There’s just not a lot of growth potential here, and as a viewer who knows she’s not the mother, there’s very little keeping me caring.

As for Marshall and Barney, well, there’s not all that much to say. They were really the pawns in the game of Robin and Lily, who were the highlight of the episode. Hearing (and seeing) their analysis of the effects of alcohol by type on Marshall and Barney was great. I appreciated both the flashbacks and their manipulation in real time. It was a relatable question: What does different types of alcohol do to a person? Tequila certainly only brings about the bad things, but beer brings us together. At least men anyway. Nice.

The only part I didn’t like about this was in the end, there was no resolution. Am I forgetting it? Or was everyone still bickering at the end of the episode, as Lily and Robin floated down the street? Either the ending wasn’t memorable, or it just wasn’t favorable. I don’t really want to leave a comedy on bickering.

With only a couple episode left to the season finale, I do wonder what’s next. There’s a little too much rehashing the same ol’ problems in the last few episodes, and I want something new and different. With two more seasons on the horizon, there’s no fear that the season will be cut short, so the writers can plan far ahead in the future. Is it a problem that I can’t see the road going in that direction, and I have no clue what to expect — good, bad, or in between? What’s next after this episode? This season? Will it be good?


2 thoughts on “HIMYM: How I Met Your Alcohol

  1. But hey, at least he was a nice throwback to season one, when the series was good and Ted wasn’t obnoxious.

    Yeah… Just… yeah.

    I was never a huge fan of this show to begin with but the Ted storylines so far are just so unimportant to me it makes me hardly care about the rest of the show.

    Although I did really enjoy the various alcohol’s effects on Barney and Marshall.

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