‘The Voice’ Entertains But Misses the Point

As I watched the same promo over and over and over again for The Voice, I was left a little confused. What is this show? What is the point of having a famous artist blindly listening to various Idol-wannabes and not see their faces. Is the entire show all about how they won’t know what they looked like?

Well, my curiosity got the best of me and last night I sat down to watch the two-hour premiere of The Voice. I knew little about how this show would proceed, other than the fact that these artists would be listening and thinking of who they could add to their team (What team? Well, I was to find that out). The point is that an artist’s appearance and performance could not weigh on their decision. They couldn’t see how the person dressed or whether the person danced around on stage like a lunatic. Or even if they spent the entire time with one hand down their pants (no one did). Most of all, they can’t see how attractive the person is.

Enter expectations. Silly me thought that this would mean that people who just might not be attractive could have their shot at stardom because instead of handing someone an unattractive headshot, they’re actually being chosen by their talent. Of course, I forgot that this show has producers and people behind the scenes. Clearly, while this was the hook, this wasn’t the purpose. People don’t watch TV to see ugly people. They still want pretty. And while the judges might not see faces, the viewers can.

That’s, at least, my assumption. After all, almost every person on the show last night was attractive. You can see a slideshow of the contestants here. It took us a full hour to get to someone who was overweight (with the exception of Frenchie, but then again, people knew who she was, so of course, they’d let her on). They even had the gall to have some girl complaining about how she’s always been chosen because of her looks, and she finally wants someone to notice her for her talent. This is all while she’s bragging about her YouTube video that became an international sensation. Alright, somehow I don’t feel too bad for the pretty girl who gets what she wants.

In fact, out of all the contestants, I think you could argue that perhaps two were “unattractive.” Part of that is because these two people were older than the rest of the contestants. Somehow, this didn’t feel like a random sampling of talented singers in America.

Add to that the fact that Christina didn’t quite get it. Hell, she even admitted that she didn’t buzz in on someone, but if she’d seen him, she would have. What does that mean, Christina? Do you not get the point of the show?

Nonetheless, the show entertained. We had great singers — which was a nice change from the “auditions” for Idol every year — and the chemistry among Adam, Cee Lo, Christina, and Blake was fantastic. Well, Blake could really step up his game, but everyone else had fun back and forths trying to get the candidates they wanted for their team. Their interaction just might be what I come back for. After all, otherwise, it’s just another show about another pretty face claiming that it’s not about finding another pretty face. Somehow, that bugs me.

What will happen after the artists gather their teams? Well, that I’m a little fuzzy on. There was a rather complicated explanation at the end of the two hours that gave us a view into the future (a singing wrestling ring is involved somehow), but right now, I’m more invested in the spinny chairs.

I mean, they light up and everything!


4 thoughts on “‘The Voice’ Entertains But Misses the Point

  1. Interesting that most of the contestants were Hollywood good looking anyway. What’s the point of the revolving chair gimmick then? And what happens after the teams are filled out?

  2. I got sucked into this too. I only came into it for the last hour, so the teams picking was really confusing to me as well, up until the end when they explained what they were going to do. There were a few unattractive singers, no one on the scale of American Idol auditions. Also they already weeded out the bad ones so there isnt the horrible humiliation that none of the celebrities picked them for thier team. The next round where 2 singers sing the same song sounds interesting. I like this idea as its more controlled test to judge who is the best. The one thing i didnt like, how a duo counts as one person.

  3. Well, a couple people (maybe both in the first hour) did end up booted off because no one turned around. But the celebs were still really nice about it, so while they were sad, they still got some complimentary notes out of it.

    I did understand the team choosing, but I guess I can’t picture what’s next. We seem to be on opposite understandings, AKY. 🙂 But I guess I’ll just have to see!

  4. I just wanted to say there are so many talented people out there that need to be noticed for our children’s future to hear. They only picked out the best. Therefore since he was a background singer, he had the talent no one else had. Does not make it wrong, it just made it easier for him to win. He is a dang good singer, I am so very proud of him and I hope he makes it huge and stay a humble person. Now, I need to add, Christina girl, I think you should have wore a different outfit, it showed your not so good assets’, from the back I was saying to myself “I wish she wold have worn a nice dress to end the show.” Love her singing but we all fall on our wardrobe at times.

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