Moment of the Week: Michael’s Song

There must be something in the water over at The Office. Sure, they might not be the best at coming up with week-to-week comedy, but when they see a big moment coming, they know how to do it.

Actually, this week’s Moment of the Week was incredibly difficult to choose, mainly because there was a lot of great comedy in last night’s NBC lineup (with the exception of The Paul Reiser Show, which I didn’t watch, but the final scene I caught when I flipped back over to watch Parks & Rec was bad enough to make me not regret that decision). Sure, I could have chosen the multiple Jacks on 30 Rock or some great moments on Parks & Rec, or (and this one was a high contender), the cartoon at the end of Community. Now that was one awesome episode, it’s pretty damn hard to compete.

But The Office did it with this surprising musical number at the end of The Office. It certainly grabbed at my heartstrings and it was a good mix of sentimentality and humor — “That’s like watching Die Hard 80,000 times!.” And just seeing Michael tear up, ending the show with, “This is going to hurt like a mother–” was just how we expect next week to be, when we all say good-bye to Michael Scott on The Office.

I know I said I didn’t care. But the show sure is making me change my mind. Kudos, The Office. This is your second week as Moment of the Week, and I present you with Michael’s Song. Watch the video below to see Click the image below to jump to the song itself, or watch the entire episode here.

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