One Tree Hill: We Waited This Long…for a Clip Show

ONE TREE HILL: 8.18 “Quiet Little Voices”

I now understand why there were so few promos for the return of One Tree Hill. Because it wasn’t a new episode. Ok, I guess if you’re looking at the number, this is the 18th “episode” of the season, but it certainly wasn’t a new episode. Maybe it was a new 12 minutes or so, if you count up Jamie’s voiceovers and the time at the end when you found out that Haley had a baby and Brooke didn’t get hers (I’ll get to that…eventually), but the rest was a clip show.

A clip. show.

I think we all realize that clip shows are unacceptable now. I mean, I said it when The Office had the balls to throw a clip show in my face. And to make me sit through one for an hour???

Sure, there was some kind of humor in seeing Nathan and Haley in their younger days. But after you make the first joke about Nathan’s hair and the comment, “Wow, he really has developed his acting!”, you’re kinda done on clips. That’s it. Done. But they kept pushing them on me and pushing them on me and pushing them on me.

I had to open a bottle of wine midway through this episode.

And it’s really disappointing. This was an important episode. Haley had Lydia (the labor of which, we didn’t see). Brooke and Julian were supposed to have their own child. Sure, I knew it wouldn’t be that easy, but I would have liked to see a little more of that. I mean, I didn’t want to hear Julian just tell us that she changed her mind. I wanted to actually hear it. I wanted to hear that little brat tell Julian (with Brooke overhearing and crying in the hall) why she changed her mind and if she was sorry. Heck, that emotional catharsis is what this episode was craving!

And I wanted to see Jamie hold his sister! Yes, it was a Brooke-centric end of the hour, but he did all the voiceovers, for crying out loud. He deserved to see his sister.

So to you, OTH, I give you the OTH Fail Whale. Congratulations. It’s an honor.

You can choose who the other two birds should be. Jamie? He’s just a kid. Writers? Producers? Have at it, in the comments.


2 thoughts on “One Tree Hill: We Waited This Long…for a Clip Show

  1. I think we all realize that clip shows are unacceptable now.

    This, 1000 times. Completely unacceptable these days. This isn’t the 80s anymore people; audiences would rather have one less episode a season than a clip show. I vote for the writers as one of the birds.

  2. this show was my absolute religion at one point. Now I cant even stomach it :(. They need to leave it alone and let it rest in peace!

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