Should You Watch Lifetime’s ‘William & Kate’ Tonight?

Here we are in mid-April, less than two weeks away from Prince William’s royal wedding to Kate Middleton. What does that mean? Well, lots and lots of blog posts and discussion.

And a Lifetime movie of their lives.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m getting quite excited myself to see what the bride will wear and (more importantly) what the British hats will look like. I’m sure I’ll be checking out photos on the internet and maybe a few news stories after the ceremony. But I’m not entirely invested in the romance that is William and Kate, mainly because I really hadn’t heard about Kate Middleton until she actually got engaged.

Apparently, I’m in the minority. At least, if I’m to assume Lifetime’s William & Kate is accurate. According to the film, which premieres tonight at 9:00 EST, Kate has constantly followed by the press once it was discovered that she was the gal for the future King of England. I guess I missed it.

Or perhaps it’s because I’m not British. Certainly, if I were across the pond, I’d be much more aware of the woman he was dating. But then again, if I were across the pond, I can’t promise how much I’d like this film.

There’s always a question of accuracy when there’s a film based on a real-life couple. Please pardon my skepticism, but there’s really no clarity on how much is true or fabricated. But as far as a romance is concerned, it’s cute enough. You’ll be drawn in my the British accents (aren’t we always?), and Camilla Luddington’s Kate is certainly a likable person. You really feel for her as she is forced to face the life that William’s handed her, all because she’s dating Prince William, and her loneliness for being apart from the world he lives in. It’s a little like getting the worst features of both worlds. But hey, she loves William, so she powers through.

In the end, you really like Kate, and you want to have her to have a happy ending. Of course, since it’s based on real life events, you know what happens. Is there really a dilemma in the fact that they broke up when you know they’ll end up together?

Ultimately, there’s a question about who this movie is for. Is it for someone who’s been tracking the relationship? Probably not. I doubt you’ll be seeing anything new. Is it for someone who really wants to know about Kate and William? Sure, it’s about their romance…as far as any public figure’s romance can be created in movie form. And if you’re just hoping for details about the wedding itself, well, the movie ends with his proposal, so alas, you won’t know whether Kate will be sporting a ballgown or mermaid style on the big day.

William & Kate is generally a TV-movie romance, so if you’re just looking for a nice movie to sit back, relax, and watch on a Monday night, you certainly can do so with a fancy hat and cup of tea. But I wouldn’t expect much more than that.

*image courtesy of Lifetime Television


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