Thursday Open Thread: Michael Scott’s Departure

For those of you who didn’t give up reading blogs this Lenten season like a certain Raked blogger I know (*coughcoughJCcoughcough*), you know that what’s to come on The Office is really the question of the month. Who will be the next boss? What’s with all the season finale guest stars? I mean, there was even more hubbub when we finally knew their character names!

Plus, with all the videos running around, I almost wonder if it’s even worth seeing Will Ferrell on tonight’s episode. I mean, have we seen all the clips already? Can’t I just piece them together into the full episode?

Really, all this drama has me asking one thing to the viewers of this beloved series:

Do you care?

Do you care that Michael Scott is leaving Dunder Mifflin? Will you miss Steve Carrell on The Office? It is a rather large change for the series, but it feels as though it might be blown a little out of proportion. I mean, actors leave series all the time, but they all don’t get a TBS marathon two days before. You could argue that TBS is just taking the opportunity — after all, they do air a night full of The Office on Tuesday nights anyway, why not make a theme out of it — but it is adding to a lot of hype.

And if you haven’t realized it yet, I don’t like hype. I get radically turned off my hype. This is probably why I don’t watch Glee (ok, there are a lot of reasons I don’t watch Glee, but that is one of them). Ultimately, I feel like The Office ran its course a long while ago, so continuing on without Michael Scott just feels like they’re trying too hard. Just end the show already. While a new face would certainly add some variety, I’m tired of seeing the same cast of characters outside Michael’s office walls, since there’s really nowhere to go with any of them. Can a new boss really make that much of a difference?

So I guess my answer to this question is “no.” But what about you? Am I being too hard? Is Michael’s moving to Colorado dashing your small town Scranton dreams? Let me know in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread: Michael Scott’s Departure

  1. I do care to see what happens, more out of curiousity than anything else. I agree; I think the show has run its course and should end with Michael leaving, but I am wondering who will replace him…and if the show can work with a new boss. I’ve also been lucky enough to not see any previews, so as of right now, it hasn’t been built up too much for me.

  2. First, i am so happy to be able to reply on one of your thrusday threads on an actual thursday. lately i havent been able to even read it until the weekend. And by then, a reply seems too late.

    Anyway, i care too. Note because i care about Micheal, but because i like Pam. And not Jim and Pam, just Pam. I think some of the funniest moments during the show have been Pam centric. What they have been trying to do with Jim (looking at the camera as the inside joke) they have achieved by accident with Pam. And because i like Pam, i dont want to see Micheal go because its the interaction between Micheal and Pam, her knowing how he thinks and getting him out of trouble before he starts it are some of the best moments in teh show. With Micheal gone, the best reason for Pam to be there is now gone. Beyond that, the show should just vanish. They coudl promote Jim or Derrel, but i give it one season before the whole thing colapses.

  3. Honestly, I’ve never really gotten into the office, and one major reason was Steve Carrell. While I don’t have anything in particular against him, I always thought his portrayal of the boss was a bit too over the top. When most of the characters in the show are played believably, I always found Carrell’s character to be blatantly unrealistic. To me, it felt like he tried too hard to be the clueless boss.

    However, I’d be interested to find out who the new boss is. I’d love to see Dave Foley come in and play the slightly off key boss. We know he can play the straight man encompassed by crazies. It’d be interesting to flip the tables and see him play the crazy surrounded by straight men. (I’d also be up for seeing a return of Jimmy James.)

    And how about Christopher Guest. Wouldn’t the office just match his talents perfectly?

  4. Agree with you. I don’t care. I loved this show in its day but I think its “glory days” are long gone. I was on the verge of completely giving up on it, but a new face in the boss chair might keep me around just a little bit longer simply out of curiosity’s sake. Once that wears off, though, I’m not sure if I’ll stick around.

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