Parenthood: Growing Up Way Too Fast

PARENTHOOD: 2.21 “Slipping Away”

This was a pretty intense episode of Parenthood this week. Sure, some of it felt a little forced (is “sex dial” a real thing?), but ultimately, we had a great episode about growing up too fast that really made impact.

We’ll get to Amber in a minute because after the final the final scene, that’s what we’re allĀ  thinking about. Let’s start with Haddie.

As JC pointed out while watching the episode, the beginning felt a little contrived. Who accidentally dials their phone mix sex-capade? I would have much preferred if they did something a little more realistic. For example, say Haddie comes home, saying she was at the bookstore. Then she leaves her phone on the counter, at which point, her parents read a text saying she left something at her boyfriend’s apartment. That would suitably add suspicion without the ridiculous setup.

That being said, once they all discovered the truth, I feel like we got some real reactions. I could definitely see parents reacting this way. Adam did have a jerk quality about him, though, especially when he meanly told Kristina that he didn’t have anything to say to Haddie. I think that’s why his discussion with Sarah was such an eye opener for him. Once you put in in perspective, his troubles seem less important. Sure, it’s a big deal that your kid is having sex with her boyfriend (by the way, that’s why you didn’t want her to date him in the first place, because she’d be dealing with more adult situations), but at least she’s not wrapped up in drugs with nowhere to go.

But again, we’ll get to Amber.

Crosby is desperately trying to grow up in this episode. I have to say, Crosby’s kinda losing favor in my book. His desperate attitude’s just not working for me. I think the house could have been interesting, but his jerkface attitude to Joel (who’s one of my favorites) just bugged me. And ultimately, I think we all know that it’s just not really going to work, and he’ll be stuck poor, in this house, alone. Jasmine deserves to be angry. He’s still getting to see his kid, and I know he loves her, but why can’t he give her the space she needs?

And finally, Amber. Amber made me so angry in this episode. I don’t quite know why Sarah took her attitude so lightly in the beginning, after Amber caused a scene in Julia’s office. I mean, she humiliated Julia, and Julia was doing Amber a favor. And Sarah harped on her for about a minute before switching over to just going out for dinner. Maybe that’s what she thought she needed? Instead of arguments, a calm discussion? Well, it didn’t work.

Amber just got worse. And seeing Sarah’s face change at dinner when she realized that Amber was so high she wasn’t even herself was definitely something. Even worse, the scene outside the house, as Amber calls her a bitch and throws her to the ground — that was hard to watch. This spiral downward is definitely leading up to some terrible things, one of which, the car accident that we so graphically saw at the end of the episode. If anything, this is giving us some fantastic scenes for Lauren Graham, who is looking about 30 years older than she did in Gilmore Girls, which is only fitting for a mother dealing with a child with these problems and no clear future.

Next week is the season finale, and I guess we do have to wonder what this means, especially since the series hasn’t been renewed yet. Either way, a lot of things are up in the air for Amber’s fate. She’s certainly out of control, and I hope that we have more than one more episode to find out what will happen next.


One thought on “Parenthood: Growing Up Way Too Fast

  1. About the sex dial… It still bothers me! It looked like Haddie had an iPhone or smartphone. Don’t you have to slide your finger across the screen to unlock those things? How could a little bumping around accidentally caused her to call mom? I agree with you; Christina and Adam should have found out in a less contrived way. Also, I was a bit annoyed that all the promos for this episode focused on Amber’s car crash. We were braced for it throughout the entire thing. Would have been much more effective of a scene if we didn’t know what was coming.

    And Crosby is being super annoying. I actually hope this “hail mary” doesn’t work out, and we have to see him dealing with life as a single father in a house he didn’t want without Jasmine anyway. The previews for the finale, though, make me fear that she’ll cave and come back to him.

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