HIMYM: Vent — wait for it — worthy. Ventworthy.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: 6.20 “The Exploding Meatball Sub”

Must every action mean something? Well, according to this episode of How I Met Your Mother, no, they don’t. Because this episode — and some of the actions in it — meant nothing to me.

Harsh words to start out a post, but sadly, they’re true. While the episode didn’t completely surround Ted and Zoey, it certainly had a large part to do with it, which weakened the show entirely. Add in the exploding meatball gag, and well, let’s just say that recording this while I watched House was a pretty good idea. The only bad part was my choosing to watch this after recording.

We’ve established that Zoey is not the mother. Ok, that’s fine. But why do we need to focus so much on their relationship then? Can’t we just have Ted dating someone off in the distance and focus on the real things going on? I mean, after the lawyers suited up (ha, punny) against GNB to save the building, what next? That’s what I really want to find out, not how Ted reacted to the lack of support. Further, the voiceovers that reiterate that his relationship sucked need to stop. They’ll break up. We get it, and we’ll get there. What’s with the foreshadowing?

Then there’s Barney and the exploding sub. It was a ridiculous, farcical, slapstick stunt that wasted a show like this. It’s not that I felt that Barney’s attitude toward Marshall’s leaving really needed to feed into his abandonment issues with his father, but they needed to be better than an exploding sub. And, hey, if it really does feed into abandonment issues and we were supposed to see that underneath the marinara, well, the writers failed. We didn’t see it.

I can now see why they put a hiatus between the last, fantastic episode of HIMYM and this one. Who would want these back to back. It would ruin any positive feeling you had about the show.

The only saving grace of this episode was Marshall and Lily, and even that was subpar. Marshall finally taking action to save the world and not work for GNB was great. Too bad next week he’ll be looking for a paying job. Not including the fact that they kept mentioning how he had to work at GNB to pay the bills, including mortgage and a trip to Spain. Did I miss an episode when they mentioned this mythical trip to Spain? I kept wondering about how they’d pay for their child and was frustrated to find that no one else was mentioning that, until finally Lily mentioned it at the airport. Now there was a real situation that I could see Lily’s frustration at. I’m glad she came back to the party — it’s the Lily and Marshall way — but this all just felt like a big detour just to put Marshall on the job hunt because they ran out of things to do with him at GNB.

Like Robin. Do they have anything to do with Robin anymore? She’s kinda the sad sack character, never having a decent relationship or job to lean on. Fortunately, she really had the best scenes in the entire episode. Her standing in the doorway as Barney trashed his desk was fantastic, and her storytelling at the bar, just to get Barney drunk, was even better. Writers, find something to do with her, because you’re wasting some talent.

And if you’re going to focus the season on other characters, just do it. Drop the focus on Ted. We get it. Zoey’s not the mother. But focusing on his crappy relationship isn’t getting us any closer to her than focusing on characters that have something going for them. Look to your strengths, and stop wasting my time.


One thought on “HIMYM: Vent — wait for it — worthy. Ventworthy.

  1. Harsh words, but deserving ones. I was never a huge fan of this show, but the back and forth nature of this season (some good episodes, some really bad ones) and the gigantic inability to make any progress towards “The Mother” is really souring me on the series. I almost done care anymore.

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