Being Human: And What a Season It Was

BEING HUMAN: 1.13 “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You”

Being Human ended its season last night — at least the American version did — and what a finale it was. What a season it was! You know, my first inclinations about the show when I first saw the previews for the series, I was a little mixed. Then after watching the first episode, I was a little wary about the darkness behind the show. Well, after the entire season, I’m hooked. Thank god I don’t have to bite my nails worrying whether it’s going to have another season; it’s already been picked up.

There was something about this episode that felt like a race. It was a race to save Aidan’s life. A race to get away from Bishop. And, finally, a race to see who would kill him — Aidan or Josh. It’s not that I thought Josh would really kill Bishop; that just didn’t seem right. But I did wonder if Josh would end up in that room with Bishop, with Nora on her way down there, only to have Nora killed and Bishop escape. In fact, a lot of things came to mind.

Which made me wonder, how did I not see it coming that Sally would help Aidan? Of course, Aidan would know Josh’s plan. He always does. And when Josh insisted that Sally not give away the secret with her expressive eyes, well, how did I not see that those expressive eyes were pointed in Aidan’s direction?

The fight between Bishop was, well, ugly, but I think we all knew that Bishop wouldn’t make it past this episode. I love that Sally was so nervously holding the stake to finish the job, and I like that despite her ghostliness, she still feels human. Bishop couldn’t hurt her — what could he do? But he did break her concentration enough to make her drop the stake and not kill her. Her initial reflexes and fear don’t go away just because she’s not corporeal.

As for the actual killing of Bishop, there was no surprise there. I’ve seen enough Buffy to know how to decapitate a vamp. (Wow. I just said that.)

And then there’s Josh. It’s so nice to finally have Nora know his secret. Less so, the fact that she now has he own were-powers and a possible were-baby. I was absolutely shocked when she fell to the ground in pain because the fetus was changing due to the full moon, and that final scene as she was looking at were-Josh through the crack at the bottom of the door was just frightening. Kudos, Being Human.

But what’s next? Will Nora really be a werewolf? I can’t imagine that they’d have her remain that way. She looked pretty petrified, and I almost wonder if we’re seeing bad things for the future of Nora (or lack thereof). The show sure has no hesitation to kill off characters, so I could easily see Nora killing herself to avoid Josh’s fate. Alternatively, maybe the fact that she’s pregnant changes what the scratch means and she’s no werewolf at all. Or could having Josh’s litter mean that she won’t make it past the pregnancy? There are a lot of directions this could go.

As could Aidan’s taking over Boston. Could this mean that Boston could change for the better? Somehow, I don’t think all the vamps will see Boston in the same way Aidan does.

And what about Sally? All signs point to good things, despite the fear that she might be tethered to this world for all eternity. But in the end she was laughing and happy — or was she? Flashing back to the day they brought her body out of the house, with her ghostly self trapped inside, certainly doesn’t bring on the warm fuzzies. Somehow I think even Sally might have dark clouds looming.

But what do you think?


6 thoughts on “Being Human: And What a Season It Was

  1. I liked this show, and I’m interested in seeing what they’ll do in the future. I have to admit, it would have been nice if Bishop could have been lurking around in the darkness for a second season, but it’s not a big deal. Did you notice, though, that the Dutch vampire told Aidan that “she” wanted to meet with him. Who, exactly, is “she”?

  2. Oh, is that what happened? For some reason, I assumed that her pain, which aligned with Josh’s transformation, meant that something werewolfy was happening with her own child. Perhaps I was jumping to conclusions. I did see the blood on her hands, but I assumed that the fetus was, too, transforming to a wolf form, and that the blood was a result of that. But perhaps I thought too much about it.

    Hmmm. I’m curious to know what others thought about that. This wouldn’t be the first time that I made a wrong assumption (especially when supernatural forces are at play).

    Thanks for reading!

  3. I’m not so sure. If she had lost the baby, I feel like they might have more explicitly said so in the last scene between Josh and Nora. Instead, they seemed perfectly happy and content (at least until Josh left). I suppose it’s possible, but this show plays off loss a lot. I don’t think they would have let the baby go without a good long scene reflecting on the emotional consequences of it.

  4. Well, they did have her vulnerably sitting under a blanket at home afterward, and Josh did say something to the effect of, “I was just so happy the baby was normal.” It could mean that.

    But then again, if it was lost, why bring up the fact that it seemed to be 14 weeks along when it was only 7, like they said last week. Shouldn’t that indicate that there’s something amiss with the baby? Perhaps the were-blood in it is making it progress faster than usual? I think that’s why I originally thought that it was a were-fetus.

    But it was a rather stressful night, and that does usually make for a lost baby in TV.

  5. JC mentioned the vampire saying “she wants to meet you.” I was wondering what that meant too. immediately following those words it switched to the flashback of Sally seeing her body being rolled away, which makes me wonder that maybe somebody in that flashback was the “she”… Sally maybe? maybe sallys body still remains but someone else inhabits it lol

    Nora… well, if you look up the gestation for regular wolves, you’ll see that it’s only a month or so (not sure) until the pups are born. Nora has a were-baby, which means that the baby should most likely be progressing at 2-3 times the rate of a normal human baby. if she is still carrying the baby (really frustrating ending) then she should be due sometime during season 2. Just my thoughts. 🙂

    oh, they will most likely keep her. Nora is the next main character next to Josh, aiden and Sally. would they really let her OR the baby go? I’m really doubtful on that. they’ll keep her and the kid alive

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