Army Wives: The Closure Episode

ARMY WIVES: 5.06 “Walking Wounded”

I gave Joan a hard time last episode. And to be fair, she’s still not my favorite person after this week’s episode. That being said, she had a point. She identified — and was right about — what was causing Roland not to let his patients go back into combat. So I’ll give her credit for that. But showing up in his office, in her army fatigues, to tell him what he was doing was wrong crossed a line a bit. It’s not that she didn’t have a right as a wife. But coming in, demanding answers, standing in the same way I’d imagine she would if she were speaking to her subordinates, and throwing around various officer names sure sounded like she was standing there on behalf of the army, not a concerned wife. But hey, that’s how her priorities lie.

All that being said, she was right.

But really, this episode was about closure. Roland realized what he was doing and released at least one of his patients back into the field. Denise and Frank got their various problems with each other out so they could face what was really bothering them. And having Jeremy’s letter certainly helped them to let go a little. I must say, as huge as Jeremy’s death was, I’m glad we got closure in this episode. It’s pretty hard to watch Denise week to week. It’s not that I don’t think we’ll see her suffer at all anymore; of course not. But I do think we’ll have a break from focusing on her over it.

Meanwhile, Claudia Joy had her own suffering to go through. I’m glad she was able to lean on her experiences to help out Denise, but I’m not sure how I felt about her imagining Amanda everywhere. I wonder where that will take us. If the previews tell us anything — and other dramas recently — hallucinations certainly don’t lead to good things.

As for Roxy, well, I see nothing but bad things happening there. She stepped back from the truck stop only to jump right back in once Trevor told her that it was better that way. He was actually not too bad this week, even if he still was lacking in support. He was less mean, I guess is what I’m trying to say. But the fact that after telling him she wasn’t going to do it, she stayed up all night so that she could — and she’s getting Finn’s dad involved — is just going to be ugly. Whether this means marital problems with Trevor (please don’t tell me that Finn’s dad is going to kiss her at some point and then there will be the drama afterward) including jealousy or an affair, or whether this means that the truck stop is just going to fall through and Roxy will lose the Hump Bar, well, we’ll just have to see.

Pamela was kinda boring this episode, but don’t think I didn’t catch the “What are you doing next Sunday?” at the end of the episode. Really, every episode should end with that. You know, an obvious point for the show to remind people to watch the following week.

For example, I think I might write another blog on Army Wives sometime soon. What’re you doing next Monday?


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