Mr. Sunshine: He Looks Like an Owl

MR. SUNSHINE: 1.09 “Ben and Vivien”

The only bad part about this episode is that Lizzy Caplan left in the end. Sure, it was the season finale, but I would have loved to imagine a second season of this show with Lizzy Caplan playing Crystal’s assistant Vivien every episode. I love Lizzy Caplan. She would have been a fantastic addition to the cast. You know, if the show was picked up.

Let me apologize. Last week I said that I thought there were a few episodes left of the season. Well, clearly I was wrong, what with ABC advertising this episode of Mr. Sunshine as the season finale. I will never trust IMDB with my episode information again. Ok, I will, but I’ll be much more cautious as sharing my inferences with you readers.

I don’t think this episode will be gathering award nominations, but I did enjoy it. I liked seeing someone be the focus of Ben’s attention that was neither Crystal or Alice. And honestly, considering the premise of the series pilot — that Ben was going to reassess his relationships with people, now that he was getting older — this episode brought us full circle, since Ben wanted to move past the idea of just sex to an actual relationship. Sure, it bothered me a bit since the series wasn’t actually about Ben reassessing his relationships with others, but at least the show was building on previous episodes.

Personally, I enjoyed Vivien. The fact that her allegiance was more to Roman than to Ben was kinda interesting (if not eventually predictable). The ridiculous montage about the threesome’s activities together was suitably entertaining.

As for Crystal, well, I almost forgot she was part of the episode. So I guess I can’t say my only complaint was Lizzy Caplan’s departure. That seemed a little too predictable and slapstick for me.

Finally, Alonzo. This seemed like it had potential, but it didn’t work. Sure, the montage of his chasing the mascot was ok at the end, but this episode could have done just as well without his participation at all. He could have been absent, much like Heather, who I actually missed.

I was entertained by the final episode this season, though I might have been a little starry eyed by the always-funny Caplan. I guess my hopes of what could have been overshadowed what I really saw. I was hoping she’d be what Adam Scott was to Parks and Rec, but alas, it’s a no-go.

Did anyone else notice that I started liking this episode a lot more at the start of this post than the end? I suppose once you started thinking about it, it didn’t stand the test of time. Perhaps that’s just Mr. Sunshine; it’s worth watching 30 minutes, but don’t think about it much longer than that. Either way, I’m still rooting for renewal. I’ll take 30 minutes of entertainment.


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