Moment of the Week: The Killing’s Best Scene

I know I haven’t written yet about the now famous premiere of The Killing. It took me a while to warm up to it. Not necessarily the content — that had me enthralled right away — but our two lead detectives didn’t necessarily empower me to pay attention right off the bat. Well, they’ve convinced me by the end of the first two hours, and that’s all that matters.

But enough about me. Let’s look at the best moment of the week in TV, which came from this new show (which, by the way, I’ll be tuning into week to week, as you should be, too!). And this doesn’t surround Sarah Linden or Stephen Holder. Instead, it’s the victim’s family.

The interesting point about this show was the dramatic irony. Sure, the audience knew that something was amiss with Rosie — probably with deadly consequences. After all, the audience saw her running through the woods, screaming, desperately fleeing for her life. The detectives and family, however, just found a sweater and assume she’s being, well, a teenager.

But as things turn more and more negative, the family gets more and more worried, and that’s where the Moment of the Week comes in. The moment Rosie’s family find out the truth about what happened to her was by far one of the most standout moments in television. Instead of breaking the news to the family, as we see in every cop show and hospital drama, we have something else entirely.

Here we have Stan who comes across the cops just they find the car that was submerged in a pond, holding his dead daughter in the trunk. As he fights his way to see his daughter, helplessly yelling Rosie’s name, his poor wife is hearing the entire thing on the phone, piecing it all together. All she can do is yell to her husband. Her two young sons stand watching as she falls to the ground in sobs.

It was a heartwrenching way to show the grotesque reality of the moment. Kudos to The Killing for making us feel that moment.

Check out the entire episode online to see this week’s Moment of the Week. It’s about 42 minutes in, if you want to jump ahead (but I hope this of you who do are ones that have seen it before!).


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