Moment of the Week: Hulu goes ’90s

I should put something on our Moment of the Week that had to do with what was actually aired this week, but this April Fools stunt is just too cool to pass up.

Hulu kicked some ass today by going completely ’90s. We’re not just talking old Geocities style. They’re even emphasizing some hot 1995 shows — both in the carousel and the featured videos. A screenshot of the homepage below.


Beyond the NewsRadio love, I adore the slow loading of the website, much like we experienced in the ’90s. The slow, partial-loading phone that goes black rectangle by black rectangle. Great attention to detail.

TV show shoutouts also went to The X-Files and Sliders. Here are their screengrabs. I especially appreciate the note on The X-Files that it features “up-and-comer” Lucy Lui.

And yes, that is a ticker down under the carousel.

What’s more, you can actually watch these old favorites on Hulu, which is awesome. If I didn’t already own these seasons of Sliders and NewsRadio, I’d be jumping up and down. Perhaps I’ll check out The X-Files, though. Of course, I might just have to wait for my dial-up…

Kudos to Hulu on our Moment of the Week! And don’t forget to check out the page for yourself today. Happy April Fools!


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