Fringe Renewed! Southland Renewed! Huzzah! Hurray!

Sure, there’s been a lot going on this week. Teases of death and heartbreak in Army Wives. Disappointing kickoffs in reality TV (very sad that Antonia went home on Top Chef this week). Horrible weaves in ANTM. Funny jokes. Proposals. Oh, the list goes on.

But all that gets pushed aside because two of my favorite bubble shows got renewed this week. First up, Southland.

Southland got picked up for a new season (ten-episode order) this week, which is fantastic. While the show has always been a favorite on this site (just ask JC), it’s had a rough road. Getting dumped by NBC, then picked up by TNT, only to have a weird “second” season. You know, it’s been a little hard to get consistency. Fortunately, with strong storylines and acting (along with a highly devoted Twitter following), TNT realized what it had and picked it up. Huzzah!

But the surprising winner here is Fringe, which just last night was renewed for a full 22 episode order. This is highly thrilling, especially after everyone assumed the show wouldn’t make it after being put in the ever-famous Friday night death slot. But it pulled through — and with some great episodes to boot! I will admit, I missed the entire second season of the show, but I’m back on the Fringe train, and I’m trying to catch up. Even having missed so much of the story arc, I’m completely invested, so for all you Fringe newbies, jump in now. We’ve got ourselves a fourth season. Can we go ahead and start rooting for the fifth?

Anyway, it’s been a good week for renewals. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more of our favorite bubble shows!

*images from TNT and Yahoo! TV


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